Rat RaceIt is mostly believed that every man is expected to give an account of his stewardship on earth. In a religious society like ours, man is always told to prepare for a life beyond which is believed to be dependent on his actions here on earth. However, in making preparation for the master journey, there are many sub– tests on his way to rate his doggedness, perseverance, humility and wisdom. One of the sub – tests in the life of a man who voluntarily or involuntarily decided to have a formal education is examination. At the end of every term or semester, he is expected to record a required level of success before he can proceed to the next level. Sequel to this examination, there is always time to prepare and engage in other things that are productive and have direct benefit on the lives of humans.

Regrettably however, it has been discovered that not all men that profess success are actually determined to be successful. Many people live long never to live their dreams. It is actually the joy of every student to be successful and excel academically but the reading culture which is a tool to achieving that has become an arch – enemy of most students. According to Jarod Kintz, “reading makes you ready for the world. A man who doesn’t read is a man who is easily deceived. You must find that man and make him sign a contract and you must do it before Satan does. Trust me the profits are HUGE!” It is now a cliché to resonate that a reader is a leader but there is no man who dynamically leads an organisation, association, institution or any form of establishment without reading as an input.

Every semester is always a beehive of activities and if one is not careful, the ‘bee’ in the ‘beehive’ will sting one’s destiny. The session that started on February 15th is gradually moving to an end. This week marks the eighth week of resumption and in the next five weeks, lectures will come to an end. This symbolises that examination will soon start and students will be required to give a high standard report on anything required of them not minding the excruciating and inhumane condition under which the learning of such concept took place. For one to be ‘ready for the world’ he must be an avid and a voracious reader who does not read under the disguise of just obtaining a certificate.

To the freshmen, it is expected of you to have left the aura of dancing and celebrating your being admitted into the university. It is known to all that it is no more in the imaginary realms that you are now a student of the university. But if caution is not exercised, it will be ever imaginary that you were once in the University of Ibadan. You are now in a new system that demands maturity and perseverance. In order to be relevant, you need to move very close to individuals that will add substance to your life without demanding anything in return.

Also to the returning students, it is known that you already have a technique of manoeuvring your way, but the question is, the rat race you have always embarked on, what has always been the result? We must not continue to deceive ourselves while we wallow and fallow in ignorance! If an old method is not always bringing good results, better ways can be adopted. It always amounts to self – deception to be priding one’s self over an average result that depicts one as a mediocre.

Before throwing waists like an invertebrate animal behind politicians most of who are irritating political jobbers, it must always be remembered that there is a primary assignment that defines your stay here. It should be emphasised that every other commitment, even religious ones come after the primary assignment of one here and as such, your academic schedule should direct other commitments of one and not vice versa. Over the years, it has been discovered that the activities that waste students’ time are those without intellectual substance, moral etiquette and cerebral content. “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

All hopes cannot be lost at this point. Before sun sets all clothes washed can still dry. The admonition is, in as much as you would like to involve yourself in many things, examinations are approaching and beyond examinations, one needs to be properly equipped for a future career through wide and vast reading. Indulging in a rat race is the most disastrous thing a student can ever think of doing for himself. The reality is that the storm is coming whether you are aware of it or not, and whether you are prepared for it or not, but a stitch in time will always save nine!


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