Arts Football Fiesta about to begin!

By Segun Oyedele

The Dean’s Cup commences in the next three weeks and like before, we are bound to have the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly moments spicing the Cup; it will be an exciting sight to watch. Certain issues are to be treated before the Dean’s Cup starts and they include the hype of the Dean’s Cup, is it worth it? Also, the participants would be looked at according to their trainings and their level of preparation and readiness, the officiating of the tournament, the competitive nature of the Cup and is the Cup predictable and expected as always?

The Dean’s Cup is perhaps the most watched and hyped sporting competition in the Faculty of Arts. The fact that all departments compete in the Cup makes it an enticing one to witness. However, does the Dean’s Cup really deserve the hype it is given by students within and without the Faculty? What about the fact that for the past three tournaments, only one department has been taking the Dean’s Cup’s glory? Has it now turned a household Cup for the Philosophers? Let’s sit back, hope, expect and see if another department can pull the trigger for a fight against the defending and perpetual reigning champions?

The tournament which will officially kick off on 26th of September, 2016 promises to be an intriguing one. Different training sessions and friendly matches have been witnessed and some scents of improvement have been seen from different angles. Will there be another champion other than Philosophy? A number of friendly matches have been played and many training sessions have been had. The department of Classics took on the members of staff of the Faculty as a part of their preparation and training and a margin of two goals was recorded, 5-3 the score line. Improvement can be sensed in the camp of the Classicists. 

Another interesting friendly was the one that pitched English against Archeology. It was as interesting as the Spanish El Classico . There were signs of improvement shown by the two sides as a result of the training sessions they had had and the intake of new players by both teams. The duo of English and Archeology promises to be interesting in the upcoming Dean’s Cup. Some other departments have shown marked improvement of late. Linguistics department had a lot of training sessions and matches and they promise to be fantastic with their experienced players like Lekan and the formidable goalkeeper, Kolapo. The likes of Europeans Studies, Arabic and Islamic Studies and Religious Studies are not left out of the spicy trainings. They all look opposing figures against one another but may I tell you, “the taste of the pudding is in the eating”. Let’s sit back and enjoy the Dean’s Cup.

But wait, what about the competitive nature of the past Dean’s Cups. It has not been competitive of late since the department of Philosophy seems to be perpetual winner of the competition. However, with the type and level of determination of different departments we have, it won’t be an easy task for the defending champions and the eyeing competitors to hold on to it and aim for it respectively. All the same, like I have said, “the taste of the pudding is in the eating”, so, let’s have a nice time watching and enjoying the 2016 version of the Dean’s Cup. Enjoy!!!


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