…in PURPOSing our PROGRESS we must still Keep our Sanity.

The question of not knowing the going-on or what will go on in our Association of Faculty of Arts Students is irrelevant. Whether we approved of it or did otherwise, many of us must have been added to two or three groups particularly on WhatsApp– groups of fellow many-sided Afasites whose characters and intriguing eccentricities baffle, marvel and sometimes shock one.
The groups all have same patterns of growth: there is the creator of the group who will sometimes act as a gentle unobtrusive moderator; s/he will add his/her trusted henchmen who will be administrators of the group besides him/herself. These sometimes overacting administrators go all out to throw the mission and vision of the group creator at you who luckily and not-so-luckily find yourself added to the group. There is a constant movement in the group; new members being added and new members leaving. The vision of such groups is not always far-fetched since the sights of the visionary are mostly a few inches in length. The mission is simple: to hold an elective post in AFAS the next session. Yet in purposing our progress we must still keep our sanity.
Normally there can be groups whose creators will not make come to pass, due to many reasons, their purpose of creating the groups. That is, the mission stated by the creator will not progress beyond the hurly-burly of the group. But we know a serious to-be beggar of votes when they start inundating us with resumption messages through smses, Facebook posts, WhatsApp messages and bcs and of course through the Faculty’s defacing stickers and banners. These have begun in earnest. Gradually the Faculty’s famous quadrangle has been receiving banners draping its centre wall. One of the drapers who must be intending to seek our overwhelming supports for one of the biggest posts had to wait for his presumed rival to know the size of her banner so that he will make a bigger one! The rat race has begun niyen even without the whistle? Good luck on that. Yet in purposing our progress we must still keep our sanity.
There are banners we have been seeing whose pictures do not match anyone in the Faculty. One will have to accept by faith that the pictures are those of the names they bear. There is a particular one whose owner would have won a beauty pageant on the basis of the banner. But for AFAS election? Let us wait and see. Excessively edited banners have done wonders in the past; ala Aah Speaker, it can this semester. Remarkable idea really, but we must still keep our sanity.
However, a piece of advice for a purposeful electoral sojourn. You need to step up your game and bring on your mojo. Thinking playing gender card will entirely work may not work. Admittedly the Hilary Clinton’s feat of cracking the glass ceiling in the American political history by getting the Democrat’s presidential ticket is waving around the world, yet she has not broken the highest glass ceiling by winning the biggest election on earth, the American presidency. Meanwhile we must be reminded that her feat localized in AFAS does not suggest a novelty. AFAS has had a female head. Therefore lest you fall into that error of historical fallacy, think of other convincing ways to buy AFASites’ supports. Sanity will be kept if we are not drawn into sentiment-ridden contest.
Another piece of advice will suffice to urge someone that being the face of the Association does not imply that it will be an easy ride to the secretariat headship of AFAS. And people’s opinions of one, most times, matter and count when politics comes to the fore.
Meanwhile I said in another piece that, “it will be a lost shot to preach indifference to the political circus that will soon be installed. Aristotle’s political animal statement maintains its veracity. Simply, it is not right to sit back when one can join in the electioneering processes that will begin in couple of weeks….” To be passive and apolitical is to be an inveterate hypocrite when questioning the action and inaction of those that will soon be enthroned with the Association’s leadership authority.
In conclusion, since it is my AFAS and your AFAS and our AFAS, it is incumbent on us all to participate fully, but wisely, in the electoral process in various capacities. Electoral periods are spirited periods. Temperatures run high and nerves go up. Friends become sly. Enemies become useful partners. Studies suffer immeasurably, and CGPAs start counting backward. But in all these madness, if they are really madness, let there be methods. Ultimately this should be preached by the contending camps: “vote, not fight.” And by that a sanitized electoral process will have been progressively purposed.


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