BORING Rubber Stamp over a white background.

Aren’t some people so predictable that you can almost tell what they will say, you can very well envisage their actions, mannerism and you have only just made their acquaintance a minute or two ago. Whatever happens to being interesting or perhaps fascinating. It’s almost like there are no intriguing people anymore or maybe they are hiding in some planets or in the space. And there is this possibility that they are shy people, too reserved and gentle that they keep to themselves most of the time. It might also be that some people have purchase a franchise on them that they monopolise them at will. But really, I don’t know, am I honestly the only one that feels like I am about to scream my head off if for the thousandth time someone chats me up on Facebook to ask a train of questions that makes it seem like it’s Déjà vu. And when I finally get past the phase where I hold my breath actually dreading this person to make some grammatical errors that my Eight year old cousin would not make, he spoils it all by asking me… actually I already know where everything is going. It has become an everyday chore for me that I already answer the questions even before they came calling. It’s like rote learning, I have memorized the chain of conversation by heart and it goes this way:


Stranger: Hello pretty

Me: Hi

Stranger: how are you

Me: I’m good. How is it going with you?

Stranger: I am fine

Me: great

Stranger: Where do you live

Me: Lagos

Stranger: I also live in Lagos. So can we meet, I stay in Ojota

Me: “sighs” or “roll eyes”


Okay, for me that last question is a turn off. But let’s analyse this chat together. So, why does it have to come to this every single time? What happens to asking questions like “So, what do you do for a living? What are your Hobbies? Tell me about yourself. What do you do in your pastime? Do you watch football?”

Really, the chat could have gone on further and ended on a satisfactory note if that last question did come up. That question just about killed the whole conversation. I have had so many similar experiences that I have lost count. Here you sit in your room, bored and in a dire need of a friend. Someone who will just care to ask about your day or be interested in hearing you talk about you for once. Yes, I know you just met this person but the point of the social media is to connect, make friends, build relationship and what have you. But it’s all messed up now, it’s like a nightmare the things and the kind of people you meet online these days. Alright, I know we all have our reasons for meeting people online, I am not here to judge or ridicule anyone but guys, haba! Go and improve on your conversational skills, Seriousely. Like Segun told Jenifa, Invest in Brighter Grammar.

See, it’s no joke, it usually leaves a bad taste in my mouth anytime I come across these kind of people whose sole aim is to hook up with every girl they meet on the internet. It’s almost as though platonic friendship no longer exists between the opposite sex. When did it ever come to this? I ask myself these questions and it’s baffling. How on earth do you fall in love with someone that you have only seen their picture, and the funny thing there is that you are not even sure it’s their real picture. You might just be on a wild good chase and you have only yourself to blame if you fall for these habitual lies.

Immediately they chat you up, you can almost guess where they are going, they don’t even hold off on their mundane interest, it’s usually about hooking up with you if you know what I mean. And do you know what I am fearful of, it’s the fact that young and naive people like my cousin who are really new on the social media usually can’t differentiate between a sincere person and someone who is up to no good. And do not get me wrong here; I am not saying all guys are guilty of this act but honestly, it’s the order of the day.

I know for certain that there are people who just want to get to know other people more and connect with people who will add value to them. I am sure that it’s not all guys that act like leeches who just want to suck or drain the life out of other people. And I have had interesting conversation with people of the opposite sex but I must confess that those harmless and intriguing conversations happened in the past. You know, when Facebook was new you didn’t have Tom, Dick and Harry making a mess of everything. I tag these predictable people as “boring”. So I believe you need to do a sombre reflection and ask yourself this question; DO I FALL INTO THE CATEGORY OF THE BORING? If you do, it’s not the end of the world and you will not be facing the firing squad or gas chamber or lethal injection, you only need to change the straight jacketed use you put the social media to!                                                                                                                                                                                                                         SAVVY


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