picSo, I am now a freshman. I do not know about you, but it sure feels so wonderful to live by myself without having to answer to anyone in particular. But of course, you do know who I am referring to-’ MY PARENTS’, especially my Mother. I don’t want you getting the wrong ideas here, you see, I love my Mother a great deal and we have a good relationship. She is sweet and nice to a fault…..I love her and I do miss her terribly. But do not tell about the latter because I am all grown now. I mean, I am 18 and about to start an entire new phase of life.

‘My Father’! Well what can I say, hmmm… he is ever doting and forgiving. He lets me get away with a lot of things. He is a pastor quite alright, I know he did well in raising me and he trusts my judgment, though we still had the talk about remembering the daughter of whom you are, blah blah blah…… About ‘My Siblings’, ‘sighs’! I really don’t know whether I am going to miss my elder brother because we just don’t have that kind of relationship. He is a regular guy but he keeps to himself more than I actually care to notice. But my sister, is quite the opposite. She is..hmm…what can I say….attentive. She treats me like a friend, doesn’t pry unless I want her to and she buys me stuffs that I know mother might perceive as unnecessary. I actually remembered that she hugged me very tightly and her eyes were welled up when Dad drove me to the park this morning. Okay, that is enough about my family for now….. you will know more about them as time goes on. So, let’s go back to the girl this story revolves around….

My name is Tami, I lived my whole life in a small Town called Alafia. Well, I must confess that it comprises of just about 500 people. We are simple people who look out for one another. I was born in this town and I have practically lived there all my life. And this is why I am very much excited to leave to a bigger and wider terrain with better opportunities. I am certain you already have some kind of picture of what my childhood was like in Alafia. Let me warn you however that Alafia is not so different from the places like Lagos, Ibadan. I mean, we have a big church that is mostly bigger than most houses except for Mr Falakin’s House. He is a wealthy business man whose family only spend Christmas in Alafia.

My dad was made the pastor of our town’s church by the community board shortly after he married my Mum and they have been married for twenty-five years. I am a voracious reader and sometimes, when I look at my parent’s marriage, I can almost feel like it’s too good to be true. They hardly argue in my presence and even in one of those nights that I roamed the house for lack of not being able to sleep, I honestly haven’t stumbled upon or heard them argue. But please, do not get me wrong here, it’s not like I want them to fight or anything, I just feel their relationship is too perfect. One thing I know is that someday, when I find the right person, I would want to build the kind of life my parents have albeit with some adventure, thrill you see….

I think I deviate too much from the main focus; I, please just humour me. I only feel the need to talk about these things so you can understand my background and my experiences. About a year before I gained admission into the University of Ibadan, I had been unduly restless. I simply found it difficult to enjoy the usual things I found exciting. Like the time I spend in church on Saturdays. I usually looked forward to those choir rehearsals because it meant getting out of the house. What I really looked forward to then was the extra thirty minutes that I get to spend after rehearsals to chat with my childhood friends Lola and Fide. Oh! Do I miss Lola my bosom and dear friend? We used to pull lot of stunts on Mrs Taiwo our Choir Mistress, Mrs Taiwo was a sucker for every single prank; she was just incorrigibly predictable. I remember the horrific expression on her face that time when we told her our Pianist had a chronic fever and had been rushed to the hospital a day before our Anniversary.

And Mrs Taiwo, despite being heavyset and short, she ran faster than Usain Bolt to the clinic only to discover that Mrs Tomi, our Pianist only went to the hospital to visit a friend who was involved in a minor car crash. Lola and I didn’t really mind the scolding that followed as choir rehearsal did not hold that day and we put the two hours that we had on our hands to great use. Finally!!!! we were able to go see the new sensational movie that was the talk of the town at that time. We are not bad girls, mischievous maybe but it was the last day the theatre was showing the movie, and we could not bring ourselves to miss out because that would have meant begging Tife our rival in school to narrate the movie to us. She would have looked down on us and called us little girls for not being able to make up some story to our parents that would have allow us to go to the theatre.

I really need to stop doing this….but I can’t help it but I will try not to veer off course too much. I am not entirely unfamiliar with big cities like Ibadan as I have visited Lagos a few times and even Ibadan. I know I felt overwhelmed by the crowd and vehicles that wheeled past me the first time I visited Lagos but I am very much use to it now. I no longer feel any tightness in my lungs or throw up after spending long hours on the bus whenever I travel to far places. Though I feel a little wary anytime I come across strangers but I am getting the hang of it all. And you really can’t fault me as Alafia isn’t a tourist centre where people visit from time to time.

Anyway, I am happier now that I am out of Alafia as it had started to get smaller with each day I spent there. I have longed for the thrill of the tertiary institution for some time but I am here now. I know how to make the acquaintance of people pretty fast and I can hold my own quite well enough. I was told I was posted into Idia, Queen Idia, I hope I like it there and I hope I meet interesting people. Maybe I will meet all of my roommates today; I just hope they are fun people. I really am tired now, I should rest, I can’t wait to finish with my hall registration; but I am optimistic that it won’t be long now. I do have a good feeling about this new life that I have just begun; I know I will learn a lot before the semester ends. This is all new for me and I can’t wait to meet my course mates and lecturers….. Although I feel a little lonely as I haven’t made any real friend yet. But I just got here about Four hours ago so I still have a lot of time for that. I understand that these things take time, I have a lot to grasp and I promise to share more of my experiences with you as events unfold. So Long….

To be continued………



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