SALT: AFAS Excursion Fee Reduced to ₦6,000

BY: Rachael Ogunmuyiwa

saltAdeoye Adejare, the President of Association of Faculty of Arts of Students (AFAS) has disclosed that the excursion fee to Badagry is now ₦6,000.

However, while addressing AFAS Press, Adeoye said that the decision to reduce the fee to ₦6,000 was a result of the indifference of some AFASites due to the high fee, among other factors.

It would be recalled that the President had last week informed AFASites that the fee was ₦8,000 as it had secured a sponsorship for transportation.

Meanwhile, there is a tendency that the proposed three-day excursion will only be a two-day journey.

The excursion to Badagry begins on Thursday, 8th September, 2016. According to the President, the buses will move by 7am. AFASites are expected to be on ground early in order to prevent delay.


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