AFAS Dean’s Cup: Determination and Commitment | by Oyedele Olusegun

Excellence in football is not something achievable with just little work or training. It is something that will take your time, energy and power and also, your focus. Determination and commitment are two crucial elements you will need in order to attain a level of professional football. Determination as simply defined by the dictionary is, “the quality of mind which reaches definite conclusions; decision of character; resoluteness”. So it could be said that someone who is determined is, “decided, resolute and possessing much determination”. Determination spans further than just saying someone is resolute and decided; it goes beyond that.

r1Determination on the part of the players includes having the vision of lifting the Dean’s Cup alongside your teammates. Determination will require you to work very hard and get to a sighted destination. It’s determination that guided the Portugal players to glory against France in the just concluded Euro2016. The French players were the better favourites with experienced and good players in their squad some of whom we can term world class players. They include Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezemann, Olivier Giroud, Anthony Martial, Hugo Lloris who is rated as one of the best goalkeepers in the world to mention but a few. These and others in their team stood the better chance of being crowned the European champions but determination was clearly seen in the camp of the Portuguese players and at last, they were crowned. This is not all! For some players who blame their poor performances on the overall performance of the team, may I tell you, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar Jr, Luiz Suarez, Sergio Aguero and the like engage in separate and personal trainings apart from the ones organized by their respective teams. Research has it that Cristiano Ronaldo has more than three hours of training and exercise after the normal training with his teammates.

In order to be outstanding on the pitch, you have got to do things others don’t have time to do in order to improve yourself. The likes of Ronaldo and Messi get what they train for, they keep fit all the time and this explains why they are the two best players in the world. They shake their worlds to the root! The kind of training sessions undergone presently by some teams in the Faculty should give others concern and the zeal to start or continue training. Some teams have shown marked improvement of late as a result of their trainings. Communication and Language Arts department have had some memorable training sessions and improvement is seen in their football.

Some new talents have been discovered as a result of the trainings taken by some departments. The department of English, whose team has been lacking a front man for a while, now discovered the attacking prowess of their immediate former goalkeeper who was benched for a supposed better goalkeeper. The youngster had to be on the bench for sometime but what could be called a breakthrough came for him last week. As a result of the lack of options, he was chosen to strike and he scored two goals from his first match as a striker when the English guys took on Religious Studies last week.

Commitment as a tool towards achieving greatness in football simply involves the act of possessing a never-tired mind towards something. A committed player will never lose hope over his teammates and his team at large. It’s commitment that drives a player to play the ninety minutes of a match. Commitment goes a long way in helping a player get to his promised land. The duo of determination and commitment help a lot in the general view of football as a game.

It’s therefore advisable for players preparing for the Deans Cup which will kick off in the next two weeks to be determined and committed if they want anything out of the competition. We’ve had so many Dean’s Cups but I promise you, this one is going to be a thrilling one. Enjoy!!!


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