See, I have called the Commissioner for Youths and Sports; he is my uncle and he has shown support for the S.A.L.T movement. In fact, the Secretary to the State Government of Oyo has even promised to issue every participant of S.A.L.T a certificate. Shey u understand.  This was the typical statement that would have come out of Adeoye Adejare’s if you had raised an eyebrow about the S.A.L.T thing. He had overhyped the S.A.L.T excursion so much so that you would think the State Government was actually the brains behind the excursion and he was just made the supervisor.  He held press conference; town hall meeting at Bello Dome. Even in their reverie state about the excursion, the P.R.O just had to push BCs at odd hours even though it was filled with grammatical malapropism. Even when the idea of S.A.L.T was being conceived and hatched by Adeoye, nobody in his inner caucus knew; maybe if he had told some people about it, they would have been led to tell him the plain truth that his idea was a figment of mere imagination.

It was so bad that even members of his team only knew about S.A.L.T from people in other faculties. Adeoye only deemed it fit to  explain to whosoever cares and whosoever was inquisitive about the real motive behind the formation of the acronym S.A.L.T now turned A.T after Sciences and Law had pulled out. The summary of the whole matter is that Adeoye has shown that he always chew more than he could actually bite.

AFASites’ expectations and high hopes were dashed.  They had reposed so much trust in Adeoye to deliver in his promise of organizing the best excursion that Arts has ever witnessed since her inception leaving them with an experience that words could never encapsulate. Uswat (not her real name) a 100l student had this to say “ With the publicity and the personal assurances from Adeoye that I would never regret going for the excursion, I persuaded mum to talk to dad so I can pay for my excursion.I had just N1500 on me for the excursion.

I had spent N500 on food even before we got to our destination and I bought recharge card of ₦200 so that I can communicate with my parents and friends and to tell them they were missing big time. I was about to go and shower after the long journey when a friend called out to me that they were sharing food. I jumped out of the bathroom and when I got there, we were given just four(4) plates of rice for a seven man room; meaning two to a plate of rice that would literally not satisfy one person. It was that bad. I went to the hotel’s restaurant to get some food and was told that a plate of indomie was N500. I slept in hunger that night when I couldn’t afford it because, out of the N800 left with me, I would need to buy myself lunch the following day and that is even if I was lucky to get breakfast and dinner. It is also out of that N800 that I would need to fend for myself on the third day when we would be returning and you know there was no Bucca around that area”.

When she alighted and I engaged her again, she said “hmmn, the beach and the point of no return was the fun part of it. There was nothing interesting about the Museum; it was full of papers on the wall and few chains. Wait o.  Sebi they told us that we would be going to eight(8) places and they had calculated it before coming up with N6000. So, when did they turn it to two sites again? I knew from the moment the President came to announce to us around 4:00pm that we would not be able to go to the sites but rather there was going to be an Asun night, I asked myself is it that this guy cannot be trusted anymore or some people were all out to frustrate his plans? I even lost my phone this morning when we were rushing to enter the Ajumose bus around 4am”. This was the experience of one AFASite who had gone for the excursion and she concluded with “Adeoye fall my hand gan, in fact, I never knew he only had a sugar-coated mouth that can only persuade people to pay and at the end, he would not fulfill his promise”.

adeoyeThe reality- Truth be told, even some members of Adeoye’s team were not happy with him. During a discussion with some of them at different times during the excursion, they had registered their displeasure with Adeoye for not always carrying them along in any of his plans. They said he was not straight forward, he is cunning, and that he has a sugar-coated mouth and always think he is smart. They said they just had to pretend that all was well when indeed they were mad at him and when there would be series of issue to settle with him after the excursion. You could easily tell that through the disposition of some of the executives that all was not well and they just had to feign their smiles in the public.

The Honourables also had issues with the President. They had complained bitterly that despite working day and night and tirelessly to make sure the excursion was a success, Adeoye jettisoned all their plans and even left them to be stranded at Badagry without providing them with accommodation and food. Some said they slept under a table at the beach, others said they slept in the bus while some said when the driver refused to open the door for them, they had to sleep close to a pen; even the Sub-Dean was not catered for because he slept close to the beach.

The following day- Saturday, various allegations and counter-allegations started flying around. The Honourables accused Mr. President of collecting N20,000 pre-visit money without visiting the sites and asking someone send him pictures which he had shown to them when defending his budget. They said he had told them that there were only 26 rooms in the hotel when the hotel management told them there were 40 Rooms in total; leaving 20 Rooms to cater for Afasites when six had already been given to Techites. To them, he does not know anywhere among the places we they intended to visit because he just had to depend on the tourist guide from Jinuset or else the person he went with for the pre-visit should come out to testify.

Moreso, they had accused him of trying to please everyone by giving some of his close associates free ride to Badagry even at the expense of those that paid.147 students paid for the excursion together with three drivers would amount to 150 people. 20 slots were made available to cater for all executives as well as two persons each from the different organs of the Association and thereby bringing it to a total of 170 persons expected to make the journey to Badagry. At the end, over 180 students went and this put pressure on the resources that was meant to cater for just 170 students and these students were proudly brandishing their tickets when 73 tickets were still yet to be sold and given out; some claimed to have paid half and others the full amount but which was not remitted to the Financial Secretary nor did it appear in her record book.

They said the President and his General Secretary had claimed that the ₦50,000 meant to be used for organizing the upcoming Arts festival has been withdrawn and used for printing and logistics. This, the legislators said was “gross misconduct” and would lead to total suspension of all other events until the money was properly accounted for and refunded.

Just like the popular Yoruba proverb that says “Agbo’jo enikan da, agba osika ni” ( having to listening to the claims of one person without listening to the other party would translate to passing the wrong judgement). Adeoye’s side of the story was that whenever he calls some of his executives for a meeting, they would claim being busy and some of the works they were supposed to handle would be lagging behind. As such, he takes it upon himself as well as other hardworking executives to accomplish some tasks rather than leave it for those that are “busy” and some of them do not even know what their duty was.

To the allegations leveled against him by the Honourables, the President said he went for the pre-visit and that those that were supposed to go with him gave excuses that they would not be available. He told the Honourables that 26 Rooms were the ones they could afford as the others went for as high as N12,000 which the press actually confirmed from the Receptionist. On the issue that he did not cater for the Honourables in terms of feeding and shelter, he said they could easily bear with him as their numbers were far less compared to AFASites who were not fed or given accommodation. He said they contributed half of the money that would rent a N12,000 room and expect him to add the rest which he does not have especially when all the money had been budgeted for.

The President said the legislators were all out to take their own pound of flesh on him because they thought he would surely have benefitted from the excursion. Adeoye said he never handled the ticket and never knew about the sale of tickets and that the Honourables also contributed to the inflated figure as only two slots were given to them aside those who by virtue of their duty were mandated to be at the excursion. The press however counted 11 Honourables at the excursion. He said those that handled ticketing should be in the right position to answer the claim of sold and unsold tickets as well as those that were allowed into the bus because, he went into hiding in order to prevent those that did not pay from going. Skelemba as he is fondly called laughed off the claim that N50,000  meant for Arts festival was withdrawn and used for logistics and printing.

Here, I put my pen to rest as I leave you my readers to infer, make assumptions and pass your own judgement on whomsoever you wish and make logical conclusions based on the facts highlighted. This week, many drama would unfold, aspersions would be cast, some will keep malice and others would flex muscles; and don’t be surprised if everything just dies down if some guys are taken to St. Bottles Cathedral for worship.



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