s1If salt is too much in a food, it becomes unpalatable. This is what was obtained at the S.A.L.T excursion. At a level, the excursion became unpalatable for students, especially AFASites as it was characterized by several unreasonable anomalies.The excursion started on a note of rampage where the so-called stakeholders are almost the numbers of ‘legit’ AFASites. As against the 7:00am take off time, the bus did not leave the Faculty premises until 1:15pm. That shows a clear case of poor organization and inept planning. In terms of logistics, we do not even know who is who in coordination as everyone is claiming to be in charge. This reminds me of a popular aphorism that a thing for everybody is for nobody.

From the outset, it is clear that AFASites are in for Israelites’ journey. As usual, the ‘Ajumose’ bus was agog with AFASites with those standing more than the people sitting. This is overloading but those that will benefit from this act call it a display of love to accommodate everyone. TECHites refused to allow people stand in their bus. They want ‘exclusive’ treatment. Probably because they know the implications of overloading but at the same time they present themselves to be unlovable. I’m quite sure by now some AFASites will be nursing body aches and joint pains as a result of the sitting arrangement. The executives should at least add balm to the expected souvenir for them to relieve the pain.

On AFASites’ way to the ‘Promised Land’, the journey was filled with fun and merriment as the stakeholders that usually put brawn ahead of brain became a source of comic relief on the bus. The journey would have been boring if not for their sarcastic intervention. They provided light entertainment to keep the voyage lively. They can be tagged the necessary evil. Everyone has a role in the society. The stakeholders that were initially parasitic became symbiotic. They were also useful in traffic gridlocks by clearing the road. All of us cannot be intellectuals; we need some traffic warders and individuals with rogue attitudes to serve as troubleshooters. This was evident on our way back to Ibadan when a truck driver almost caused an accident with his reckless driving. They immediately assumed the role of a typical NURTW member and the thug-like nature in them rose. They were able to discipline the man and did justice to enable him avoid such in the future. But is that really their essence? After all, they were not totally useless. They were still able to function in a capacity.

The journey took different twists and turn but at last, we got to lodge in Ar- Rakhab Beach and Resort, Badagry at 10:53pm. Everyone looked tired but on sighting the beach, it was as if an enchantment was cast in the atmosphere to refresh us. Those that can play volleyball started; those for football started, those for twerking started, and those for the drinking ministry mounted the pulpit. The Theatre Arts family was not excluded.

On accommodation, the lodging was befitting for the status of being a premier student but the arrangement was appalling. A two-man room became a seven-man room and in some cases nine to fifteen. AFASites slept in the rooms as if fishes are arranged in a cold room. This is an indication of ineptness and poor planning. It was said that the Sub-dean, who followed us could not get a room to sleep. Why would they have allowed him suffer? He could as well turn down their request to follow them. This is not honourable!

On feeding, like I said earlier, AFASites were in for Israelites’ journey. Like the Israelites shouted in the wilderness that Moses, why have you brought us to the wilderness to perish? AFASites shouted too, Adeoye, why have you brought us to the wilderness of Badagry to perish? Hunger brought out that statement from the mouth of AFASites as the food served at an odd hour is nothing compared to that of a cat.Some AFASites were not even served and they did not eat that night. Some were given indomie as against rice that was served on the first night. Two persons to one indomie super pack and egg. This is a ridiculous way of feeding someone that just got back from a 7hr long journey. On the first night, dinner was served; No, midnight food was served at 12:45am. Another indication that planning was far from the excursion. The next day, breakfast became lunch as a morsel of beans was served after noon. Automatically, they are telling us that there is nothing like lunch. That is to say, “OYO” is the case.

The Badagry tour started at about 4:30pm, Friday evening. It seems all activity will stand still as it was still unknown if the Badagry tour would hold or a haphazard ‘asun’ be prepared. At last, it was agreed that the tour would take place. The first point of call was the Badagry Heritage Museum. The tour guide gave an insight into events that led to the creation of the heritage museum. Also, he elucidated on the slave trade, detailing the how, why, when and other important information relating to slave trade. AFASites later moved to the seaside to board a ferry that will take them to the shore of where the long walk to ‘freedom’ began I.e. the point of no return. But, we thank His name, they returned.

On the second night, there was a camp burn fire before the ‘all-white party began. At exactly 12 midnight, the night club received guests. Even those that claimed to be tired changed to their white attire and put on their dancing shoes. The night club was the denouement of the excursion. There are some people that one would not expect to see at the club let alone seeing them on the dance floor but they could not resist the temptation of the music; the beats and rhythm inviting them to shake their body.

The hiccups experienced at the excursion were attributed to myriads of factors. According to some concerned stakeholders in the Faculty, they expressed their displeasure on the preparation and patterns of operation. The President was indicted of inadequate preparation, emphasizing his inadequacies. They claimed that he felt unconcerned about the whole excursion and he has failed to put things in proper perspective.

The President reacted that there are some underlying intricacies and complexities surrounding the excursion. He explained that those that came exceeded the preparation they had on ground; and the stakeholders were the ones responsible for it. He pointed out that there are some other political reasons for their behaviour. The S.A.L.T excursion was indeed sour and sweet.


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  1. Bella says:

    The seven, nine and fifteen to a room is not true we were four to five in a room…. Get ur information correctly…….. The excursion would have been better without the stakeholders

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