AFASites storm Badagry, visit museum, beach, ‘point of no return’

: Arowosafe Samuel               

samThe Association of Faculty of Arts Students in collaboration with Students’ Association of Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Law embarked on an excursion to visit the historical town of Badagry.

At the excursion which lasted two days and two nights, AFASites visited Badagry Heritage Museum, Ar- Rahkab Beach, the Slave trade Centre including the popular ‘point of no return’.

The tour guide at the Badagry Heritage Museum gave insights into the background of the museum, explaining in details the process of slave trade, the transition and transportation until they get to their masters. According to the tour guide and with physical evidence at the museum, one would nearly shed tears in commiseration with those that were victims of the slave trade because of the treatment they undergone. He explained that shackles were placed on both hands and legs of the slaves, transported over the sea, and sold over a thousand of the cost price. The tour guide pointed out that those that were meant to protect the slaves were the one betraying them as they have received bounties from the slave traders.

On the other hand, at the beach where AFASites were lodged at the beach, there was maximum relaxation and enjoyment. They trooped out en masse to swim at the beach. The expression on their faces suggests that of happiness and funfair.

According to an AFASite, he said the excursion was fun and really enjoyed himself. He however expresses his displeasure on the fact that food was served late. Despite that odd, he still insisted that he still enjoyed himself.


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