Healthy Working Environment should be your Priority – Prof Omokhodion

: Rachael Ogunmuyiwa

ilFolashade O. Omokhodion, a professor in the department of Community Medicine, has urged worker unions to make a healthy working environment for their members a priority saying that it is not enough to fight for incomes and incentives.

Omokhodion said this while delivering an inaugural lecture titled, “Danger, Men at Work: the Pitfalls, the Perils and the Panacea” on behalf of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, University of Ibadan at Trenchard hall recently.

The professor who enlightened the audience extensively on the dangers involved in many of the occupations people engage in disclosed that those in the informal sector are more exposed to occupational disasters.

According to her, “In formal sector, workers are still aided with protective equipment like masks, goggles, gloves, earmuffs, etc. but workers are left to their discretion in informal sector. Many do not even know if they are available let alone being able to afford them.”

Meanwhile, she has called for a focus on work related ill-health adding that uncontrolled work activities could be a source of danger to the worker, their families and the community.

Omokhodion recommended health and safety policies which will ensure that workers embark on annual leave, regular medical check-up for staffers that are over 50years, discouragement of excess hours of work among others as panacea to occupational health and safety.


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