Dear ladies,

ptPlease I beg of you, do not be the dumping ground for all sort of junk. I tell you, the society is so porous nowadays that you can hardly differentiate between the Wheat from the Tares. It’s best to tread carefully when you want to consider allowing someone into your life. I am no psychologist nor am I a counselor who is professionally certified to give relationship advice but I have had to read, experience and hear about pathetic cases where some lady wrongly puts her trust in a guy because she was enticed by his looks, physique, and most importantly, because he is financially buoyant. You see, I have been there and I know how it mostly plays out.

I only want you to know that no one wants to have to pass up the good things of life for things that are not so desirable. We all want comfort, we want to have people wait on us, we want almost everything good at our beck and call; literally, we want the world right in our pocket. But really, is that remotely possible? Can we have our cake and eat it?

In life, we do not always get what we want because life is not a bed of roses. But why do we like to cut corners by only being in inane pursuit of ‘readymade items?’ Some ladies will tell you in Yoruba that “ emi o duro legbe surulere, Olorunsogo  ni mo dibo fun” (I do not have the patience to wait for things to become better with hard work, I would rather go someplace where life is made easy without having to lift a finger to work).

All these are no gainsaying, some ladies really do not have to tell you that they are only after money, these guys know what you are but they still accommodate your silliness for some reasons best known to them. They know what substance you are made of and it’s only a matter of time before they send you packing.

Wake up and smell the coffee girlfriend, very soon, the curtain will be closed and the mask you have on will wear off. All these pretence will be exposed in broad daylight to that person you believe you are deceiving. But it is never too late to retrace your steps. Go into a relationship for the right reasons; love, companionship and the likes. It is imperative that you have a ridiculous price tag on your time and person that no amount of money can purchase.

Do know your worth and hold yourself high, do not lower your standard for anything or price in this world. It will be difficult, I know, but you are strong, beautiful and destined for greatness. I do hope you have a change of heart today as you read through. In the meantime, let me leave you with this inspirational poem by Max Ehrmann. It opened my eyes to a lot of things. I hope it does for you too.



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