N U R U ‘ S W I T: Kabir

How una dey? Hope say the break do una well?

Plenty matter dey to gist this week but onto say na ileya week we dey, I go talk the remaining later.

Omo naso we see am o! The resurrection of the cow. Long throat push me go visit one of my padi dem wey dey stay apete – who no wan chop free meat for this ‘change’ era? Na like 8 o clock I dun reach there. Imagine, I dey late to go 8 o’clock class but I no late for meat.

As I reach there dem just dey kill the cow. E b like say dem dun slaughter the ram sha. Dem come say make I come follow dem join kill cow. I first look dem, look the cow come look dem again. Onto say I wan chop meat? Me wey no fit kill chicken. Dem sha find one small work give me. I follow fetch water, hold rope – if you see the kind suffer wey cow dey suffer before dem kill am enh! Dem go tie him leg come fall am, come twist him body whine him neck go back, chai! E for no make sense if I come life as cow o!

Ontop one matter sha dem put the knife for the cow neck. Omo see mara! The cow begin dey dance. I pick race o! I free rope mehn! Naso the thing jump up! Gbese! Cow wey dem dun slit him neck! The thing begin dey run upandown dey jam everything for the compound. Kai! I find my levels far away mehn! Which kind tori dem for yarn? Say na dead cow jam my enemy. Later dem sha catch the thing for leg fall am come kill am proper.

sallahCow dey suffer o! If person vex me next time, I go just use cow death swear for am! Any which way sha. Ileya dun waka whine yansh comot. Those of us wey chop meat dun add am to our collection for soakaway. But I still wan greet our Muslim brothers and sisters say happy sallah. May Allah bless una well well! Amin!


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