Scribbles: Awards of Dishonour

604499_origHello! It’s been a long weekend! For some, the longest weekend in recent times in University of Ibadan. Last week seems to be the most fun-filled week of the semester yet. In the spirit of fun, quite a number of people were salted while another number of people were dishonoured. I’m going to talk about the dishonoured lot.

A certain popular jingo and influential blogger in the University of Ibadan put together a particular event to award notable people in University of Ibadan for their remarkable success in certain fields and categories. A remarkable idea! The event held on Saturday, 10th September.

There was first an initial misunderstanding of the whole thing. The UISU award is called Ivory Awards but then this award is also named Ivory honours (awards). One would wonder why the confusion…but then the monopoly of the word ‘Ivory’ is nobody’s birth right. It however caused a little squabble online. Subtle jabs were thrown from the UISU corner of the ring to the Honours committee and vice versa.

Notwithstanding, I would have thought that the Honours would have been the crescendo of the highlights of last week but I was disappointed just as many are too. So many things went wrong but of course it’s an event – a lot is bound to go wrong but some things just aren’t meant to happen.

I didn’t attend the event but my tentacles were well-spread around Mauve 21 on Saturday night. Why would I attend sef? In this economic recession where a bag of rice is now over 20,000 and a cup of rice is 70naira, I will now say it’s Keanzo or Obesere I want to go and watch with 30,000. That was on a light note. There’s nothing like a weekend of fun to wash off the stress of the week.


The flop!

One would think that an event organised by the daddy G. O of blogging would have massive publicity but it came as a shock that the publicity was poor aside from some random placements of banners around the University. If my tentacles are right, some personalities expected to grace the event did not show up. Asides that, gist has it that no award was presented at the main event. Winners were invited to another event (Winners’ party). It was at this other event that the awards would be presented. I wondered what the initial event was if awards were not presented. As if that was not enough, no artiste performed. What happened to Keanzo, Obesere and the likes expected to grace the event? (Not just with appearance but performance) I guess they performed at the winners’ party then. What exactly made the content of the awards? They should have jejely named the whole thing Ivory Honours winners’ party or Winners party. At least, the gunfire between SU excutives and the Honours planning committee wouldn’t have been exchanged. To package the dishonour properly, gist is that some, if not all the awards that were eventually presented were customised with ‘marker’ – call it the height of dishonour. You’d probably not see this gist online because the blogging children are scared of their daddy.

My sympathy to all the nominees who bought tickets, attended and came home empty handed (a lot of people returned empty handed). My sincere apologies to all who wore their Christmas gowns and fancy suits to the event, you’ve learnt a lesson – not all events have the grandeur of their banners. To those who bagged the awards, at least you can shelve the award behind the others you’ve bagged. To say the least, the event flopped!


Oops! One more thing, I did not mention any name o! Except your name is Keanzo, or Obesere. Thank you!

Note: This is article is the sole opinion of the writer.


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  1. Divine says:

    The publisher has beefs with SIRKENAYO. Everyone knows ivory honours is for KIP KAY and JOE. DID YOU INVESTIGATE AT ALL?

    Liked by 1 person

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