The Tale of a Clueless Administrator

img-20151012-wa0021.jpgTruly, the words of a writer who asserts that politicians just strangely check the dictionary during electioneering to get good sounding words to use in order to captivate people’s attention is religiously right. The various dark events that have beclouded the Adeoye-led administration of AFAS are pointers to this fact. Not only that the dynamism tag used by Adeoye Adejare is not only a misnomer, it is also purposeful wrongful deviation from the known norms. It was indeed a deception packaged under the disguise of change. The wrong wind which was blowing from the federal level then also blew to our Association. Thus, AFASites are now victims of two clueless adventures.

afasWith the various satanic and avoidable evil incidents that beclouded the Emeka-led administration, people consciously decided to vehemently oppose his anointed candidate in the last AFAS election. This made it a smooth journey for Adeoye Adejare in the election. He promised what any aspirant had never promised in the history of the Association, making many political gluttons eyeing the same position to dogmatically and wholeheartedly follow him. Adeoye promised twenty less one things, and lo and behold, he has recorded failure in almost all. In fact, the dubious Emeka-led administration has many credits over this clueless man who stresses his jaws in order to laugh just like the Ogbomosho born former governor of the pace setter state.

For a man who broadly divided his agenda into three broad and fantastic categories (expanding the frontiers of intellectualism; facilitating capacity building and improving the contents of the norms/ others), one will expect a kind of heaven-on-earth governance from him, but he has decided to take the helpless Association through another hell. With additional seven weeks to the first semester, President Adeoye Adejare could not achieve any tangible thing. This is unlike Aniagboso Emeka who delivered the souvenirs within a semester time frame without any break or industrial action during the course of the semester. Absurdly, our Man only gave us book to see the different styles he exhibited to take pictures while we ignorantly await the unknown parts to the souvenir. If this is what the President calls improving the contents of the norm, then, he needs people’s aid. Instead of improving the content of the norm, Adeoye has succeeded in destroying the norm. The AFAS & I which is a programme adopted by the Oliver Samuel-led administration from the Association of Communication and Language Arts Students (ACLAS) and greatly sustained by other administrations received an unimagined fracture in the hands of this present administration due to the cluelessness and organisation disability of Mr Adeoye Adejare.

An administration that promised news worthy events that will project the image of AFAS was later tagged a boring administration itself. This is because the President lacks both administrative and political knowledge to run AFAS as an Association.  The Fresh students’ Orientation was nothing to write home about. He neglected those that matter in order to decorate expired politicians. Not only that, the Sub-dean was served food deemed for an abandoned dog; sour-looking rice without meat. This fate repeated itself at the excursion. The gentleman was left on his own for a whole night while the drivers who were deceived not to buy food on the way were left to lavish in hunger throughout the night. This is evidence of his cluelessness. A good administrator who flops at an occasion will politically cover that up whenever the opportunity comes his way, while a politician will put in place, administrative structures to correct his political flaws. Another evident clueless point in our President is unnecessary expansion of little wonderful events.  This brought the down fall of the excursion. Everybody knows of AFAS excursion over the years, but in the name of rebranding, he formed the alien SALT acronym which flooded the whole of the University community. One wonders the benefit that lies in a blind man befriending a deaf and dumb fellow. This aptly describes the SALT saga. He claimed that they were to pull resources together, but if we may ask, what are the resources owned by these faculty associations if not liabilities?

While campaigning, he promised to produce GES 201 drama text for AFASites. Nothing of such was seen. What our President does not know is that every promise not given an attempt to fulfil becomes a fraud. Here comes the National Arts Festival which was promised to be staged in March 2016. Six months after the fixed date, what we are celebrating is a disastrous administration without a focal point. Before taking excuses on the premise of the seven weeks break, the festival was slated for March while the school was closed down on 25th April, 2016. What of the sponsored capacity building programmes? Instead, what we are witnessing is a kleptomaniac tendency in our Man. The monthly event tagged Groove at the Park holds in the closet of the President. The broadsheet of failure of Adeoye Adejare is endless. An attempt to analyse all will result to having a booklet. And why should we have a booklet on a failed personality? We don’t want to abuse the government!

This administration has enjoyed every necessary support needed, but indications from every angle show that Mr President is a litlun in governance and lacks the administrative wherewithal to maintain the norm let alone improve on it. It is time the Audit Committee started her work lest we suffer double loss. Also, the Faculty Legislative Council (FLC) should get down to business in order to salvage our dear Association from cluelessness. If not, the future weeps uncontrollably.

Pub 4, Vol. 2, (15/16)-13-09-2016.


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