Adeoye: His orgies for talk and Machiavellian Scheming

img-20151012-wa0021.jpgGiven the privilege to exercise their labial rights, some men among us will not only build castles in the air, they will also site mansions in the oceans. Such is the life of a picaro – the roguish impostors who live on lies. For them, unfortunately, knavery has its bad days. We saw it yesterday at the FLC when AFAS President, Adeoye Adejare, for the first time, failed to glib speak the hallowed chamber from hammering on him an indefinite suspension – for  sins considered too deep to dig; yet too grave to pardon.

Many AFASites know that their President is popular for not many but one reason: He is a  shyster. Sweet words were the chariot he rode to victory  and he thought he could consolidate the position with same. But yesterday was a bad outing for his talkative exploits. Following his indictment for the misappropriation of our not-so-easy-to-get funds, Adeoye has been asked to relinquish his position as number one AFASite till the time only God knows.

Meanwhile, I am not too alarmed about the allegation of misappropriation to which the President admitted guilt. I am not even interested in the SALT trip which they said the President went in the company of family, friends, as well as nephews and nieces of girl friends, with AFAS money.  It is not unexpected. And it is not my problem. It is the problem of the Faculty legislative Council, the President and those who chose “glib -speaking” over critical thinking in the last AFAS election. It is just showing how democracy can sometimes result into an error of the majority. Or who would blame AFASites for voting a man of many and phantom promises, when other candidates offered less?  Thinker Bernard Baruch must have envisaged moments like ours, when he warned electorate to “vote the man that promises the least” because” he will be the least disappointing? Adeoye promised too much and has, to reveal the minds of many, become the most disappointing.

As I have written in the first line of the last paragraph, I am not so moved by Adeoye’s alleged financial fraud as I am by his seeming Machiavellian scheming as revealed yesterday during the sitting that was intended to mitigate his punishment.

Yesterday, the Faculty Legislative Council had a sitting.  The crux of the sitting was to discuss the many gross misconducts of the President and take a punitive decision; but the gathering ended up being an exposé of other moral flaws of Adejare Adeoye which he had always covered with the visage of smiles.

Overtly but most notably to me was the issue raised and stressed by Hon. Dada Mayowa: The President has been sowing discords between the members of his cabinet and the Faculty Legislative Council, to achieve his selfish desires. That has been the hitherto subterfuge for his cluelessness and ineptitude.

Hon. Dada revealed to the sitting the President’s penchant for betrayal, dishonesty and assassination of other people’s character to project his own image; and invariably exonerate himself from the failure of his administration. He has been using his cabinet members as pawns in the Hallowed chamber. His executive members have become the carriers of the his hubris. Dada revealed how the President told him that the Treasurer, Bayonle Abass of the Association is a weakling. He must have said the same of other officers. And who knows, the same President will go back to  the executive council and speak ill of the FLC, the CPS and the Press. So he gains the loyalties of all; and make them enemies to one another. Machiavellianism. It will make your enemies come to your defense. We saw its working yesterday at the sitting. Dada discussed the issue with passion. He thought nobody got his drift. He used epigrams after epigrams, to make the sitting reason with him on the evil genius of the President.

Like they say in politics, no permanent friends or permanent foes. What obtains is permanent interest. This, you cannot achieve without the Machiavellian machination. You have to smile at enemies and frown at friends. Adeoye knew and he managed it well until yesterday when all was revealed for the fast-witted to reflect on.

Such attitudes and their consequential nemesis brings to mind the story of Ananse, a rogue character in Efua Sutherland’s drama, The Marriage of Anansewa. Ananse is a man of too much ambition, who will do anything to make himself rich and to the detriment of others. In his knavery exploits, he cons friends, daughter and mother, to achieve his selfish ends. He pays an emotional prize in the end.

It is the same with Barabbas, the villain in Christopher Marlowe’s The Jew of Malta. Barabbas sows discords among persons, and causes trouble between nations. He also experiences a bad ending.

So Adeoye can reflect on these and engage in self-rehabilitation while his suspension lasts. The damage done can still be undone. Obviously, you will be reinstated. And I am sure you will have learn to do the work and stop the talk.


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