Do our leaders read?

  • I am sure they don’t

img-20150908-wa0001.jpgI can remember vividly that when Mr Adejare Adeoye was elected, AFAS press published an article titled “Goodbye to the Era of Babatunde- Hope it is a New Dawn for AFASite?” In that article, we were so optimistic just like most AFASites do about all Mr. Dynamism promised to give AFASites. Since Mr Adejare was full of poise, everyone thought a new dawn has breezed in for AFAS and AFASites. Just like a woman who is in love finds it hard to hide her feelings, we never bothered to hide our optimism.

Some claim that the President has been hallucinating all this while, some are of the opinion that he is just like one of our hopeless leaders. Whether he has been hallucinating or not, I don’t think that should be our focal point because even the holy book which our President believes in (I hope) states that “which of you who wants to build a tower will not first count the cost”. So before he started campaigning, he should have done a thorough introspection.

From what has been happening in the Association, one can only conclude that our leaders particularly Mr. Adeoye Adejare doesn’t read. It is expected that a wise man learns from other people’s shortcomings. I will like to state it that from what I have seen since I became an Afasite, politicians (considering the Emeka-led and the Adeoye led administrations) do not come to the Press Board because they want to know how to build a better association or what the grievances of the people are, they are just always after if the press has insulted them or not. I believe that the press wrote so much about how the Emeka-led administration failed the students and as a way of remembrance, I will be drawing some excerpts from the article we published when Mr Dynamism was elected.

As a matter of fact, the current Faculty Legislative Council Speaker, Rt. Hon Adekitan Isaac Adeyemi told the Press humourously that the Press has not been insulting them. In other words, in his myopic view, he sees articles that address them as just an insult and does not consider the press as doing her duty of checking their excesses.

When the Emeka-led administration failed, I thought it was because he had no opposition and since he had none, he couldn’t strategies before he came into power. What remains a fact however is that Mr Adejare had oppositions.  He presented and comported himself during the manifesto and the press night.


Excerpts from the article

Now I think AFASites can rejoice because the person who has emerged as the winner of the election won because the people placed him there, so, he is very much responsible to us. I want to believe that he is not also a “Babatuinde” so I would say congratulation Mr Adejare Adeoye, I hope that you would not be called a “Babatunde” by AFASites before the end of you tenure. I hope that you would not repeat the norm and you will be committed to your course of “expanding the frontiers of intellectualism, facilitating capacity building and promoting human capital development”. I hope it is a new dawn for AFASites, believing that our new President will carry the students and also his executives along. I want to believe that power wouldn’t be centralised but decentralized as the President will work hand in hand with all students and not just those who he feels worked with him in getting to this position.

But Adeoye has gone against all that was written in that article. First, he did not just perform the norm, he went below the norm. For all the programmes he has organised so far, he can’t boast of success in any. Also, Adeoye has been practicing a one-man led administration and even the Sub-Dean and some members of the press at their return from the excursion could attest to this. He hardly carries his people along and according to him, it is because most of them claim they were busy. Does wisdom not demand that a leader be wise and know how to manage everyone working under him and since Adeoye is a CLA major, I can bet he was taught the act of persuasion. Maybe our President does not just read, he doesn’t listen too, he has failed us in a dynamic way.

I will like to conclude that all hope is not lost; our President can still brace up and “whoaw” AFASites. There is always room for change and AFASites are not giving up because just like it was said at Jaw War 16, a man will not because he always have headache say he doesn’t want a head anymore. There is still room for improvement Mr President!


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