eMost of us fantasize about the kind of relationships or success stories we want.  It varies from the lives we see our friends, celebrities, and the likes lead. Some even wish for the body type of some celeb, their skin texture as well as the kind of wedding ceremonies they had: like ordering for a 5 million naira cake, giving out iphone7 as wedding souvenirs. I do not believe that there is anything wrong in wishing for something, but then, do you know what really going on behind the scene? What you see on the surface could be feigned happiness, the perfect or ideal pictures they plaster on the social media could be a lie and that glamorous wedding ceremonies usually leave some people deep in debt.

There is this friend of mine who wakes up early in the morning just to see our other friend’s posts on Instagram. Friend A began to get jealous of Friend B because; one, she dresses expensively, two, all her posts are always on point and three, she has over 10k followers on IG. So, Friend A started to feel inferior because she couldn’t afford to dress like Friend B. Friend A came to me to borrow her money for clothes and I said “change is affecting everybody”; I turned her down as I knew the reason why she wanted the money.  About two weeks later, someone knocked on our door asking for Friend B, the visitor claimed she had been the one borrowing Friend B money and personal effects but she wanted her money returned ASAP. I was shocked at the revelation that Friend B was only doing “borrow borrow make me shine”, and later I burst out to laughing  at the “wahala” Friend A wanted to put herself in. it was really a wakeup call for her and she has since stopped trying to lead the kind of life that Friend B leads.

Months ago, Teebliz and Tiwa Savage’s saga was all over the social media. Nobody saw that coming, or let me say I never expected it. I was so surprised when I saw Teebliz’s posts, because I used to love their relationship; the kind of support they gave to each other on social media and all. Social media actually blinded us from what was happening behind the scene. Another instance is that of Toyin Aimakhu and her ex- hubby. They were another couple I envied so much. But then what happened? Need I remind you also of Toke Makinwa’s saga. The list goes on and on……

Know that it is not a bad thing to wish for someone’s kind of success, relationship or marriage. Captain Ekehinde and Actress Omotola have been married for two decades now and they are still together. Olu Jacob and Joke Silver is another great testimony of a successful marriage which you can actually wish for. I know of students who actually did ‘decent’ work for most of the things they use such as phones, laptops. Just because your friend changes her hair every week doesn’t mean you should give yourself headache, and if your best friend just got an Iphone7, it  doesn’t mean you should go through the ‘back door’ to get one just to feel among. Really, there is more to this success than meets the eye. Honestly, “be Careful What You Wish for.”


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