Comedian Basketmouth opens up on the recent armed robbery on his family

bmAce comedian Basketmouth has opened up on the recent armed robbery attack of his family that happened in his Lekki home in the early hours of September 7. The comedian said despite what happened he is most grateful that his children did not witness the horrible ordeal. “I will rather not talk about the robbery incident because it is in the past now. I just thank God nobody was hurt.” Explaining how his children survived the ordeal, the comedian said: “My kids were asleep throughout the incident so that is something to really thank God for as the trauma would have messed them up for a while.”

The news of the robbery was revealed by Bovi Ugboma, who noted that the family was held at gun point and their valuables stolen. Bovi had gone on his Instagram page to announce the robbery when he wrote: “He and his family were held at gun point while the sad episode lasted. Valuables were taken including the cctv device. A report has been made at the police station. He can’t be reached at the moment but will be back on as soon as possible.” Basketmouth’s first comment after the robbery was about the thieves not stealing his sense of humour.


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