Truly, in life, there is no stance taken on any given controversial issue without its own immediate and future consequences, especially when such a stance is borne out of political and personal sentiments. The scenario at the Faculty Legislative Council’s sitting of Monday, 19th September, 2016 explains in apt terms what the above sentence intends to achieve. Reports had it that the sitting was a premeditated one and as such, every event that transpired at the sitting was tantamount to acting out pre-written scripts. This was confirmed when the undiplomatic Speaker echoed to the suspended President that he should remember there was an agreement in existence before the commencement of the sitting.  Even though, the staged play almost took another turn due to the dishonesty of the second party, everything got back to its planned structure after a kangaroo recess which took the faculties of some gullible individuals into recession.

Whether the sitting was a display of theatrical prowess of some mischievous individuals or not, some events that ensued during the sitting are worth giving attention. If the factual questions may be asked, what is the essence of the suspension and on what solid ground was the suspension given? Truly, the House raised alarm bothering on logistics, financial misappropriations and bearing allegiance to oath taken to suspend the President, but after the suspension, nothing has been discussed or done in that instance. Will the suspension re-adjust the flawed logistic preparations; will it help in gaining back our money evidently embezzled; will it make the suspended man pay for his relatives, cohorts and allies taken to the excursion; will it make him learn his lessons?

Truth be told, in every sane society, he needed to be suspended in order to allow for proper scrutiny of the various allegations levelled against him, but it does not stop there. Proper structures must be put on ground to ensure these interrogative processes yield the needed fruits. This is what the FLC has failed to do. The Legislative organ only displayed their power but did not carry out their duty! This has allowed people who are ignorant of happenings in the Association to see the suspension as evil-motivated and not warranted. By now, various committees and panel comprising of clear-headed humans should have been set up on the issue and their findings should be made public so that everyone will know that there is no act of bizarre condemnation without reasons in the decision of the House. And if need be, the suspended man may be impeached after being indicted by the findings of the objective committee and panel.

Reflecting on the outcome of the sitting, it was discovered that many new enemies had been made while new tentative friends have been found. While trying to establish and hear the full reports of the excursion, the President, the Social Director and the General Secretary of the Association were asked to rate the excursion on the scale of ten. While the duo of the President and Social Director decided to rate it as 7 (excellent), the General Secretary decided to give it a 5 (fair; just there). Many have alleged that this disparity in the grading of the excursion brought about the suspension of the Chief Organiser who has proved himself unworthy of any serious commitment in life. Days after the sitting, many threats messages have been received by the Odd Grader and many confrontational approaches too.

Reminiscing on the grading, one will see that the Social Director, who has been nothing but a burden to the Executive Council and the Association at large since the inception of the session only shockingly said seven (7) too in order to hide under the shadow of the President if they may be asked to allude reasons for their choice of marks. On the other hand, the General Secretary who is a one-man general gave a different mark to prove himself as a man of integrity and to further show that he was not in any way part of the excursion planning. While the above argument for both parties can be said to be imaginary and not substantial, their political commitments explain it all.

The President and his Social Director belong to the same bloc while the General Secretary belongs to another bloc. In every sane society, politics is played both administratively and tactically. If the General Secretary had given an equal mark with the other two, it signals that if his bloc clinches power, nothing better would be done!

But beyond subtle disagreements, politics and other frivolous relationships, it should not transcend to threatening of lives and destinies. This is a clarion call to the suspended President to call all his un-aiding aids, allies, political associates and snipers into order and lecture them on how politics is being played. This is just students’ politics and as such, should be played in an exemplary manner. An injury to any camp in this game will be traced to the head of such camp. For now, some people should bury their heads in shame for disappointing the people and not to start going about snaring evil news to ignorant fans. Our aim is to achieve a peaceful and tranquil society of man; a semblance of 21st century society and not the jungle-like life handed over to us by our fathers.


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