For your sake, Vote; Please Vote…

by Tobi Idowu

1448267053461But for the wisdom of the AFAS Independent Electoral Committee, the much anticipated AFAS election will hold on the 27th October, 2016. Now the election holds on November 4th. I wish the pulses of the aspirants can be felt; nevertheless, would they have wanted an election so sudden and swift with less ground covered for political awareness and less time for adequate preparations by the electoral umpire – that was the argument of the AFASIEC chairman (NB. My deductions). Still, we have an election; but will you really vote?

Usually, candidates for the numero uno post in the Association, that is the President, are known long before electoral activities are officially set in motion. Who did not know that Ojikutu Shola and Ajimati Purpose will log heads in the electoral ring in this election? Other positions are often taken in turns by uncertain aspirants who will wait to see that many people do not show interest before they will pick forms. That is exactly the dynamics of this year’s election. It is interesting to note that forms for four posts were yet to be bought as of 21st October when a press conference was called by AFASIEC. And to think AFASites have been hurrying dust and noise to heaven on this election! I hope things have changed since that shocking Friday (the day the press conference held); anyone can still pick forms for the election. Thanks be to heaven that the election’s day has been pushed back, so there will be just enough time to court voters. This matter of shilly-shallying aspirants done with, a move to the real drops of my mind: will AFASites really vote on November 4th?

AFASites will vote; but how many will convert words to actions and come to the Faculty to cast their ballots on the election’s day? Ideally all qualified AFASites should vote. Not everyone, realistically, will however vote. Some circumstances, unbeknownst, will prevent some people from voting that day – checked. Okay, so what of those who will have time, and are not encumbered by any means, yet they will not come to the Faculty that day to exercise their franchises? Casting ballots is like entrusting the collective will of a particular group to some set of people. These people will go on to act for the group especially in official capacities. Their actions or otherwise can mar or make the fate of the group. This is what election means; reason why it is sheer infantilism to sit back, and watch others decide who will lead you! You must prepare to vote. You must come to vote. Or don’t you think just your vote can decide the outcome of this election? You have others who share your thoughts on those candidates that deserve to be part of AFAS executive members, join them and elect those your preferred candidates.

Who said you cannot take things personally? Will they pay your dues next session? So they have got no strong opinions on you. Your opinions on those who you think can do better things with your dues in such capacities like the President, Vice-president, General secretary, Assistant general secretary, Director of Information, Treasurer, Financial secretary, Social director and the Sport director count, and should be your guide when you are ticking the ballots on November 4th. Whether we admit it or feign awkward ignorance which is actually rank hypocrisy, AFAS is not AFAS without the monetary contributions of members of the Association – the students of the Faculty of Arts. No? Why do you think signing of course forms are tied to payment of dues…. That said, you must vote. It is for your sake.

In conclusion, there should be spoken on everyone’s lips: vote, not fight. To echo the Sub-dean’s words, there will be winners and runners-up in the election. No losers. So in that spirit should everybody, from the aspirants, their agents and the electors comport themselves dignifying our Faculty of Letters. The election should not be turned to a seed-bed of rancor. Like the now worn-out cliché, it is my AFAS, your AFAS, and our AFAS.


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