A great Sunday, one Yoruba proverb says, is usually heralded by a beautiful Saturday. One only wonders why on earth the AFAS Week had to be celebrated in the 9th of the Semester when those at the helms of affairs had not got themselves ready for the events. In fact, many an AFASite was not aware that the annual Association’s week had begun until they saw, on Monday, that the Faculty was being decorated. There would be a Marathon Race on Saturday, 8th October, 2016 and the publicity was not out until Friday, 7th, October. Yours sincerely, like many other inquisitive members of the Association, only got to know on Friday the 7th at the FLC sitting that the Week would commence the following Monday. Indeed, the budget for the Week was unimpressively presented by the ambitious Acting President and hastily passed by the Faculty Legislative Council. One was quick to opine that Adeoye Adejare had been shortchanged with the way the budget was speedily drafted and presented by the Madam Acting President. Sources close to the just reinstated President however confirmed that Adeoye was carried along throughout the planning stage of the Week. Therefore he was part of the failure.

One of the many reasons responsible for the backwardness of our country is that we break the rules we make. Is that not a cause of discord in the ruling APC? Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar was referring to the aftermath of the Ondo Guber primary when he said “you cannot break your own rules without creating problems.” Unfortunately, the present leadership of the FLC which oversaw the amendments to the AFAS Constitution last year deliberately indulged in unconstitutional act. The two sections of the Constitution which pertain to the presentation of bills are the Paragraphs ii and v, Section A of Article 24 of the Constitution.



The disposition the Sub-Dean (General) of the Faculty of Arts to the students of the Faculty and their Association is an antithesis to the rigid aloofness of many other members of staff of the Faculty who erroneously believe that no connection exists between them and the students they teach. Dr. Adams Akewula, ever since he assumed the position last year has more than proved to the students that he is their comrade. He has always been more than ready to assist the students in any capacity. The climax of it came on Saturday 8th October when a Marathon race sponsored by the Sub-Dean held. He did not only sponsor the event, he actively participated. Sir, we appreciate your identifying with the students’ cause.

Congrats, Plato’s Academy

It is expedient to congratulate the Plato’s Academy, the Football Team of the Philosophy Department that has continued to dominate the football scene of the Faculty for the past four years. Martins Segun, the immediate past Sports Director of AFAS and the captain of the team emphasised this during the final of the just concluded Dean’s Cup as he brought six of the medals he had won as a member of the Plato’s Academy. He even mentioned that two were still at home. Yet, on Monday, he added another one to his collection. That the Philosophers won the Dean’s Cup four times in a row foregrounds the resilience, commitment, compactness and the team spirit of the footballers. However, that the Philosophers won does not in any way undermine the buoyancy and the prospect of the English team. In the English team, I foresee the next winners of the Dean’s Cup.


What does the lay reader want to do with oratory?

At this point, the AFAS Executive Council deserves the kudos for incorporating Oluwatoni Fawole’s idea of Wordology into the AFAS Week. The programme was a great platform for the Faculty to discover new talents in public speaking. It is therefore expected that the poor outing the Faculty had in the ongoing Jaw War would be remedied at the next edition’s. There is hope for the Faculty in public speaking and I see light at the end of the tunnel. Nigeria’s economic recession; a light at the end of the tunnel? I see no light at the end of the tunnel! But could one close their eyes to the presentation of one Mr. Lay Reader who represented God knows what department? I was in fact prompted to tell the guy from my seat that he should debate and stop being a lay reader… apology to Prof. Kehinde. It was apparent from the way his eyes were glued to the paper from which he was reading that he not only did not master the speech; he was not even the writer. I can even bet that the paper he read at the oratory competition was written for him some minutes before the presentation. How slothful! Congrats to Samuel o jare!

Cultural Night? Dope! Dope! Dope!

Wait, what do we mean when we say cultural night? Celebration of culture in its different manifestations – cultural dresses, art works, hair-do, food as well as the immaterial aspects like the belief system, philosophy and so on of a people make up their culture. At the AFAS Week, apart from the wearing of different native attires by the celebrants, not much of culture was celebrated. Oh, palm wine, moin-moin, and tapioca were served. The programme becomes frustrating when the MC tasked with the responsibility of carrying the Igbo audience along could not utter a single Igbo except “Igbo Kwenu”. Wareva, AFASites had fun and that was all that matter.



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