The true test of a great leader comes from his ability to sever official matters from personal issues. It is however true also that personal feud can be transferred into official matters since people believe in using what they have in getting what they want. Yet, leaders look stupid and ridiculous when they seem to enter a no-win battle. Adekiitan Isaac Adeyemi, the speaker of the FLC had his senses reached the nadir on Sunday, 23rd October, 2016 when he used his power as the FLC speaker to summon Babawale Oke, the immediate past Editor-in-Chief of AFAS Press to the Council sitting. Invoking the poorly edited AFAS Constitution which states the FLC shall:

Have power to summon any member of the Association. The reason for such summon must be communicated in the correspondence which must get to the individual 24 hours before the sitting. If such a person refuses the correspondence, the correspondence should be made public

The purpose of the summon, according to the badly written letter, was to make Babawale account for AFAS Press financial activities in the ongoing session.

A lot of things are wrong with the letter. The first is that the press did not collect a dime from the Association’s purse from the beginning of the session to the time of writing this piece; it does not even intend to do so next session. This point must be emphasised. The summon is also ridiculous because it shows how unreasonable those at the helms of affairs of the Association can be.

Meanwhile, feelers from various quarters have it that ‘Yemi has a personal beef with ‘Wale and he believes his speakership position at the FLC is a sufficient ground for him to fight. Well… he has a wrong object to fight in Babawale because he is a fighting a no-win battle. Had ‘Yemi read Robert greene’s 48 Laws of Power, he would have known the importance of “knowing who you are dealing with.”

Yemi’s low reasonability had always been an issue even before he became the Speaker. His emergence as the Council’s helmsman prompted an article from Witty Angle of AFAS Press with the title “So Yemi becomes the FLC Speaker?” Since then however, he had tried to prove everyone wrong that he indeed had some senses by the way he has been fairly able to manage the ever turbulent House. Unfortunately however, human character is like smoke, you cannot hide it for too long, to paraphrase the Yoruba. It seems all the senses borrowed when he became the Speaker had been exhausted and the recession has affected the renewal.

I am aware the Speaker has his goons (with all its connotative and denotative meanings) in the close circle of Babawale. And these goons are already preaching to Babawale’s camp a peaceful resolution of a no-win case. They will all fail. It is even saddening that one of such people aspires the leadership of an intellectual organisation of … caliber. Well, this only shows the reason for our backwardness as a people since it is only people of questionable reasoning that aspire for positions. Mahatma Gandhi’s words that “we should meet abuse by forbearance. Human nature is so constituted that if we take absolutely no notice of anger or abuse, the person indulging in it will soon weary of it and stop” do not apply here.

Dear Mr. Speaker, I will lend you more words from Robert Greene – Disdain the things you cannot have: Ignore them is the best revenge. We know you have ego issues where Babawale is concerned because he seems to be your nemesis. But you have to concede that he is smarter than you. By picking on him at the twilight of your tenure, you are only exposing your nakedness for the general public to see and mock. Thanks goodness, you are a lover of football. You will most probably have heard the expression, “what are they smoking there?” It was said by the Liverpool owner as a reaction to Arsenal’s ridiculous bid for Luis Suarez. As you know, the transfer could not materialize because the bid was ridiculous… Mr. Speaker the Council, what are you smoking in that your FLC Chamber?


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