​Of our AFAS Election…


by Tobi Idowu

Now we will have our AFAS election. Won’t we?
Definitely, sure. Well after so many….

The issue should be about the election, not what has gone on in the past!

Really? What about the CPS? What about the 5th week in AFAS constitution? What about the intervention of the FLC? What about the postponement of the election? What about….

What about everything! You asked too many question. How do you expect one to hold on to your many questions and still be able to think out normal answers?

Normal. Yes, normal. What will be the normal outcome of this election? You see your face? You won’t answer this normal question?

Well, you’ll not allow me to answer those rapid questions you asked at first even after my painful brain racking; I’ll nonetheless answer this one. The normal answer will be given by just a people. AFASites. On the 4th November. After the collation of the result. Wait for their answer, my friend.

You’re nothing but sly. That to you is a normal answer! Just to give your opinion has turned you to an evasive blurter of words. You know the candidates, don’t you? Give your assessment of them. You can be helping some people. You know some people have been finding it difficult to progressively determine their purpose of voting in this election.

Ha ha ha. That’s a remarkable way of goading answers out of me. But I doubt your method can be efficient enough for the task you set out to do on me. In fact, I doubt its efficacy. The thing is, I hold on to my belief that AFASites know best. And I trust they will put their best into consideration when they are marking the ballot on the election’s day.

Hmm. Well, ermm I have my own opinion on the election…

Wow. I will be a normal listener of yours. So you want to help your indecisive friends decide who they should thump up?

Not exactly.

So what do you want to say then?

I want to say it will be too bad if few people come to vote. You know this election mean and should mean a lot to AFASites. Some people will just shout, rant, sing their voices to hoarse on purpose, but they will not progress to the Faculty to vote on the election’s day. Please, don’t cut in. I know what I’m saying. These people will just disturb somebody’s peace on WhatsApp, on AFAS UI Facebook page, on Students’ Union page and on personal physical space, yet somebody will still see few people in the Faculty on the 4th who will come to vote. It is annoying. In fact, it is a matter that can give one perplexing headache. It is…

I understand. But take a breather there. Will you kill yourself on all words without action fellows, heh? I trust things will change this time around, though. If my perception can be my guide, people will come. Can I speak for them? They will come. We’ve got two separate parallel choices that will prompt much contemplation when deciding who our President and General Secretary are in few days. And other positions as well should get people to come to the Faculty.

…but wait, ermm, anyway I hope for the best election in recent times. It will be a shame to have election that is not there. You know what I mean now.

I know. You rest assured, it will be there. Trust AFASites will come support their preferred candidates. You’ll see that from the Press night.

Yes! The Press night. I’m actually looking forward to that event. Although, I have some misgivings about the patriotism of the Press to the Association’s cause. Really, I don’t know who the press the press is for.

Well, the Press is for nobody and everybody. All AFASites and AFAS including the various organs, hallowed and all.

I doubt that; but that’s a story for another day. This election is of utmost concern to me. I will definitely participate fully in the electioneering process from the Presidential debate, the Press night, the Manifesto day and of course in the voting processes. What about you?

Sure, I’ll.

All right, then, we’ll meet another time. Perhaps, after the election.


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