AFAS Election: God is my godfather- Omotola

​Pressman: May we know you?
Omotola: I’m Olaitan Omotola Olabimpe, a 200 level student of the Department of Philosophy.

Pressman: What business do you have with AFAS?

Omotola: AFAS is my faculty.

Pressman: As far as the next election is concerned?

Omotola: Well, I’m vying for a post in the faculty of Arts, the post of the General Secretary.

Pressman: Why the General Secretary?

Omotola: Hmm…Before I made my intentions known for this particular post, I’ve sat down and thought of everything. Where I saw myself functioning well is the post of the General Secretary.

Pressman:  What does a General Secretary do?

Omotola: All the properties, assets of an association must be with you, you are to summon meetings, write letters. You are in charge of the secretariat actually. And you have to be able to call meetings, dismiss meetings, and write letters, source for funds as a General Secretary.

Pressman: Apart from those functions, what are your plans for Afas?

Omotola: Well, as at now…I won’t go into details for now. My thing centers around 3 places- Association, academics and accountability.

Pressman: Okay, you won’t tell us what the details of this programme entail?

Omotola: Well, I’ll better leave that till manifesto day.

Pressman: It was rumoured that you were pushed out by some political heavyweights in the faculty in order to fill the void created by having only one candidate. How true is that?

 Omotola: Well, before I say anything about that, I have two opponents. And it isn’t just one. Yeah, I wasn’t pushed out by anybody, nobody pushed me out.  I came out on my own. I’ve been nursing he ambition since I was in 100 level, even before I entered UI.

Pressman: Do you know your two other contestants?

Omotola: I know them,  Ojo Akinwale from the department of Archeology. But, one stepped down already.

Pressman: That means you have just one opponent. Do you think you have more chances than the other opponent? 

Omotola: Well, I don’t know anything for certain actually. Politics is a game of numbers, so you don’t know anything for certainly.

Pressman: Who is your political mentor?

Omotola: My political mentor? Well, you can gain politically from anybody. I don’t have a particular person as a mentor.

Pressman: Can you mention some of them?

Omotola: Well, you can just give me any idea or any person. I don’t have a particular person as a mentor.

Pressman: You don’t have a particular political idealogy that you embrace?

Omotola: Okay, I’ll go with my own campaign name. And that’s efficacy.

Pressman: What’s the definition of efficacy?

Omotola: Efficacy is the ability to do the required amount of duty or work at a required amount of time. Like being able to meet up with everything you’re required of.

Pressman: Who is your godfather?

Omotola: I don’t have a godfather. God is my godfather.

Pressman: I hope your department has done some alliances for you so that it will be at the end of the day, turn out in your favour.

Omotola: None that I know of.

Pressman: In a situation where you eventually become the General Secretary of Afas, and you find yourself working with a non-cooperative president. What will you do?

Omotola: well…I can talk to anyone as long as I know the person. Who’ll be the president, will be someone you can talk to. I’ll talk to the person.

Pressman: And after you talk to the person, and he’s not responsive, he is adamant. What will you do?

Omotola:  if I talk to the person and the person isn’t yielding, I’ll talk to higher authorities.

Pressman: like?

Omotola: The dean, sub dean, anybody. I believe proper procedures will be taken.

Pressman: What about AFAS press?

Omotola: Well, I can’t just speak to the press. Protocols have to be followed everywhere.

Pressman: What are your parting words to AFASites?

Omotola: Well, the parting words I’ll just leave for them is that yesterday is history, today is present and we should live it well. And the future is mystery, you don’t know it.


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