AFAS Election: I love to do things diplomatically- Ojo

AFAS P:  May we meet you  
Ojo : I am Ojo Akinwale, 300l Archaeology

AFAS P: What is your interest in the forthcoming election?

Ojo: I am interested in the post of the AFAS General Secretary 

AFAS P: What inspires the ambition?

Ojo: What inspired the intent is my interest in the Association and a zeal, a drive for the progress of the Association. You see, you get tired of seeing things done in a particular way when you know you have something, in fact when you know you have something to offer that can make the Association progress.

AFAS P: What does an AFAS General Secretary do?

Ojo: The Faculty of Arts General Secretary is responsible for handling the correspondences of the faculty both internal and external. He takes minutes during the meetings of the Executive. In many ways, he’s the go-to man in the Association among the “excos”. In many ways the association revolves around the General Secretary. His main jurisdiction is the Faculty secretariat and in charge of keeping things orderly and done.

AFAS P: You said you have become tired of seeing certain things done in certain ways and that actually has driven you into contesting for this particular post. What are those areas you think the current General Secretary has been found wanting?

Ojo: The current General Secretary is doing a very good job and part of my plans is to continue to complement what he’s doing in the Faculty. The current Faculty of Arts General Secretary, Kolapo is very orderly, very discipline, is very efficient.

 AFAS P: If you intend continuing from where someone has stopped, what are really those innovations you will like to bring to AFAS?

Ojo: There you see, nobody is perfect. Kolapo has done a very good job but then I intend to improve on some things in the faculty. For instance, errrn, I don’t know if you’ve been to the ante-room to the main room itself. The two fluorescent bulbs are faulty and then I went there today and then the two benches there (ante-room) are broken and in the quadrangle, most of the baskets that were even purchased by Kolapo…I don’t know…many of them have been broken and are damaged beyond repair. So part of the things I intend doing is to correct those and repair the damaged equipments.
AFAS P: Okay Mr. Wale, briefly give us your leadership dossier so far.

Ojo: Since secondary school, when I was in JSS3, I was chosen by my teachers for the post of the timekeeper of the school which I performed excellently well; and when I got to this school, in 100l. I was elected as an honorable member of the HRC in my hall, Kenneth Mellanby.

AFAS P: Do you think those experiences will count…

Ojo: (breaks in) Definitely, in fact, the Kenneth Mellanby, although I was not opportune to serve in an executive post in this school but then, the Hall Legislative experience has actually broaden my horizon as regards the running of the executive. In fact I’ve gained a lot; and  I’ve learnt a lot of things that I know will  not only be helpful to me but also to AFASites  if elected as the General Secretary of the association.

AFAS P: In a situation whereby you do not totally agree with what the would-be President does, how would you manage such a relationship when you know that the President is acting against the interest of AFASites?

Ojo: Well, first of all, we may have clashes, we are humans and nobody is perfect. In such a situation, I’m a very calm person. I don’t like to do things with violence and I’m not a very violent person. I love to do things diplomatically in such a situation; it would be an issue of coming into a compromise with the President. We will try to work things out, we are human beings.

AFAS P:  Does it mean you can instigate the FLC against the …?

Ojo: I would never.  I’m not going to instigate anybody. I said this is our Association. But the Press will be informed, everyone would know, I would try to just let everyone know.

AFAS P: Do you think you have any chance against your opponent?

Ojo: Of course I know I do. I believe. I know that I have chances against her, because I believe I have the right capabilities, I believe I have the right attributes for this post of the Association’s General Secretary.

A.FAS P: So what do you make of political godfatherism?

Ojo: Well, first of all, I don’t believe in “godfatherism”. I believe if you are capable, if you think, if you know in your heart you have something to offer and the belief that you can offer it and you tell people your ideas and they reason with you and they are ready to support you based on what you are telling them and not on any godfatherism.

AFAS P: So do you know those that will be contesting for the post of AFAS president?

Ojo: Yes, I know those contesting and as at now I know two candidates

AFAS P:  So who are they?

Ojo:  Sola Ojikutu and Purpose Ajimati

AFAS P: So who would you like to work with?

Ojo: Well, anyone who gets elected is okay by me as long as I have no problems with anyone.

AFAS P: So Mr wale, what’s your political ideology?

Ojo: I don’t believe in any political ideology. All I believe in is working for the progress of the Association

AFAS P: Your words for AFASites

 Ojo:    It is our Association. We have to do it well. For the Association to move forward, we have to do it well.


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