It is said that the voice of the people is the voice of God and for this, we welcome Mr. Ojukutu Shola on board. The election process was a demanding and challenging one but Mr Ojukutu Shola showed great capability and competence in toping the presidential debate and press night. It is no doubt that the election was a free and fair one, although it was not without its woes as some of the programmes started quite late but we must give kudos the electoral committee for being innovative and refusing to let us have the status quo.  They have brought a new phase to the history of AFAS election which we hope will be sustained in subsequent elections. Also, our lips are filled with song of praises to all our politically inclined electorate, who made it a duty to vote on Friday for their preferred candidates. AFASites not only proved that they are politically conscious by coming out to exercise their rights but they showed that they were not ready to be preys to bad officials for George Jean Nathan said, “Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote”.
AFASites came out in their numbers to vote-in the man who said he would work with the “CAT” model over the woman who claimed she had a “No Bobo Agenda” for them. The race was pretty tough for both candidates and we are quite sure that Mr. Ojukutu Shola did not by any chance think it to underestimate the power of a woman. Now that Mr. Ojukutu Shola emerged victorious, we hope he is not one of the bad officials who were voted in the past for their many words. To decide that Mr. Ojukutu Shola is the one the people have been waiting for even before he starts the race will be like summing ones profit before the start of business; until he fulfills all his promises to us, we will not acclaim that he is the one we have been waiting for.

At the Press Night, Mr. Ojukutu Shola mentioned so many plans unlike his opponent and he was told that they were not feasible because the world believes that when a man sets his mind towards so many goals, he is easily bewildered by the next step to take. Since Mr. Ojukutu Shola wooed AFASites with his so many agenda, we put it to him that he must work at fulfilling all the promises he made because even the holy book expects that a man counts his cost before embarking on anything and we want to believe that Mr. OJukutu Shola counted the cost even before running the race.

It should be noted that whenever, Mr. Ojukutu Shola was questioned about his plans, he would always use ‘we’ because according to him, “it is a collective thing as an association, it is a kind of AFASites thing not a self-focused ambition” he stated that his wanting to be the AFAS president was not borne out of a selfish ambition but for a need to see “progress” in AFAS. Mr. Ojukutu Shola all through his campaign called every AFASite his brother and sister and he even went on to the stage of saying that if he does not emerge as the president of the association, he will willingly work with a  Miss Purpose led administration to bring a better AFAS. We hope that like the tag his opponent used, Mr. Ojukutu  Shola was delivering a “no bobo agenda” to AFASites because we are not ignorant of the tactics and devises of many politicians- for they in the quest to take power, come with sugar-coated tongues and look for what will go well with the people they want to serve. We hope Mr. Ojukutu is really a selfless leader, one who not because of his campaign had to refine his words. We really hope that you are indeed a selfless leader and a man truly accountable to every word he says. Yes! Working together with AFASites, was an entrancing thing to say but we implore you to be truthful to your words, so that you do not join the categories of leaders that have failed AFASites in the past.

Mr. Ojukutu Shola has promised to promote academic excellence; social creativity and introduce entrepreneurial skills. He stated that over the years, some candidates have talked about taking tutorials, giving people past questions but all of this they have not fulfilled. In fact, some even went to the extent of saying they would “Expand the Frontiers of Intellectualism” but they were able to fulfill their so many promises. This time, Mr. Ojukutu has said he will redraft all things and make them better. Although the traditions will still remain erect, he will make sure that things are done in innovative ways so that prorammes will no longer gulp the fund of AFAS but they will be done to add value to the association both financially, mentally and intellectually. In his own words, he will do “traditions untraditionally.” We hope there is really a paradigm shift.

One thing that should be pointed out is that, Mr. Ojukutu Shola in a way disassociated himself from the current president of the association. He claimed that the reason he followed Mr. Adeoye was because he promised AFASites dynamism and he is after only things that will bring progress to AFAS. Initially, Mr. Shola walked closely with the president at the outset of his tenure, perhaps because he thought working with him will give him a chance with AFASites but immediately Mr. Ojukutu noticed that it seems people were not ready to reckon with Mr. Adeoye anymore, because of some of his lapses, he immediately started to disassociate himself. Mr. Ojukutu Shola disassociating himself from the current president was quite expected. At the outset of the Adeoye’s tenure, Mr Sola Ojikutu was always seen with him, but if he is questioned, the answer will not be far to seek “I am following him for the love of AFAS, I believe in his ideology and I think we should do everything together as AFASites”. That would have been a very commendable answer but Mr Ojukutu cannot fully claim that he is not a descendant of Adeoye’s race except he proves to AFASites that he is not in any way like Mr. Adeoye. And by this we mean that Mr.Ojukutu Shola fulfills all the plans he started to AFASites to the last. We should hold all our traditional progammes in a timely and well-coordinated manner. Just like Mr Ojukutu disassociated himself from Mr Adeoye in the bid to win the election, he should also flee form everyone who he thinks can mar his administration.

Now, the race has started, it is time for Mr. Ojukutu Shola to prove that in every way he is what AFASites needs.  It is the time to prove that “he is the man for the people and the job”. The race has begun and we hope you will fulfill the mandate given to you by AFASites. We urge all executive to put their hands on deck as we believe that this would not be a one-man show but a show of well- passionate individuals who will work together to see that AFAS is taken to the next level. Our ardent desire is to see the incoming administration achieve a lot of things; they should not be so interested in building-castle-in-the-air in order to court AFASites, rater, all things should be done justly with no partiality or favouritism of any kind in the Faculty. Every AFASite should be treated in the most deserving manner and every issue that concerns the faculty should be taken with all seriousness and all that the newly elected executive members have promised AFASites should be fulfilled.


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