This is an urgent issue that needs an urgent resolution. Adekiitan Isaac Adeyemi, a final year student of the department of Linguistics, and the immediate past Speaker of the Association of Faculty of Arts Students (AFAS) must be stopped from withdrawing the sum of 15,000 naira from the Association’s account ostensibly to cater for the “breach of contract” with the contractor who is printing the AFAS amended constitution.These are some facts:

1. The contract for the amendment of the AFAS constitution was awarded under the auspices of Adekiitan Yemi in the  early months of First semester.

2. 95,000 naira was the monetary  worth of the contract as approved by Yemi’s led FLC.
3. The current 100 level students “ideally” were meant to be major recipients of the copies of the constitution; it has always been a norm for the new speaker of the FLC to provide copies of AFAS constitutions to fresh students.
4. However, nothing of the constitution was heard until some weeks to the end of Yemi’s tenure as the Speaker of the FLC when he sought to get another 15,000 naira  for implausible explanations that are only clear to him.
5. The Audit committee of the AFAS meanwhile has asked Mr. Adekiitan Yemi to suspend the production of the constitution and hand it over to the incoming speaker who will take into consideration the current 100 level students who have yet to collect the constitutions and the incoming 100 level students of the 2016/2017 session.
6. Shock of the year that trumped Trump’s emergence as President of America was the sham that happened at final sitting of the Yemi’s led FLC when he demanded that he needed another 15, 000 naira in order to complete the constitution project he had  ominiously been silence about for most part of his topsy-turvy tenure.
7. It was equally shocking that in spite of the caution by two of the sensitive members of the FLC, the FLC approved a request which was not in anyways constitutionally right or morally correct. An obvious oral request simply to cover the lies of the previous months got the overall support of the FLC members without thorough mental reviewing.
8. The highlight of the sleasy comedy was when a member of the Council suggested that the Speaker should make sure that by Monday, 28th November, 2016 he has made a written form of the request so that it will have a proper look.
9. Yemi should not only be stopped from getting 15, 000 naira from the Association’s purse, he must be made to account for the 95, 000 naira that has been collected for the constitution’s project.
10. He said the new speaker will take over the business of the constitution’s project, so why withdrawing 15,000 naira again?
11. Like everybody on the floor of the FLC hilariously quipped at the shambolic show of smartness by Yemi, he will get his take home if he is allowed to withdraw the 15,000 naira.


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