Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world-
Harriet Tubman.
It is with great delight that we officially welcome the new and the returning students to the 2016/2017 academic session. A new race, it is, has started; a new chapter has been opened and it is a new dawn for everyone and whether we are conscious of it or not, this journey which has started is slated to end someday- within a very short time. It is with that, AFAS press advises everyone to garner everything necessary to make the race worthwhile because, just like Wilfred A. Peterson says, “Big thinking precedes great achievements “. You will virtually achieve nothing at the end of this race if you do not set your mind to envisaging and your actions to achieving.
Over the years, the essence of education has been abused and some people have grown to conceive and nurture false ideologies particularly about the University. They believe it is absolutely unnecessarily for attaining great heights in life and for some of them who have the chance of being in school, they are only concerned about getting the certificate “they do not honour”. These people are nurturing those ideas because of what our society has become, we see so many graduates today who are unemployed. But, taking our own education with little or no seriousness is not the panacea for what our country is faced with because just like the country cannot employ enough graduates, so also, we have graduates who are practically unemployable. Our task is to take our “self education” with all seriousness so as to become a hero and not a liability to the country. It is not far to seek that our country needs to be reformed. However, we will find ourselves incapacitated if men decide to scorn education because education is a powerful tool for advancing the world. And by education, we are not just talking about what is being taught in the classroom; definitely it goes beyond that, but about patterning your mind to make use of all resources available to you in becoming the person you were created to be. 
Self education is absolutely important for anyone who desires to make his/her count for posterity. You have the opportunity to become a master in a particular field. Anthony Robbins said “one reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus, we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life never deciding to master anything in particular “. Formal education is absolutely necessary because it will provide an avenue to be academically grounded in a certain field but those who engage in self education will always have an edge over those who have limited their minds to formal education alone. 
This is a clarion call to our fresh students who still have about three to four years in this university. Education is not what you get because you attended a university, it is gotten from investing your time and efforts into things that will make you a better you. If you want to survive in a competitive market like ours- get educated, if you desire so much to see changes in your world -get educated. Do not have a nonchalant attitude towards lectures and as you learn in the classroom, try to be practical about it, because the more you practice, the better you become. 
The key thing is to have a focus; set your goals, as a fresh man, what do you intend to graduate with? It is never too early to write that down. When you have a vision it will drive you, it will help you keep your mind away from frivolous activities. And after you have written your goals, you have to focus on them, distractions will always be there, but you need to be all determined to keep your focus. But just like Anthony Robbins said, there is a difference between being interested in achieving something and being committed to it, you could be interested in having a First Class but you will never get to graduate with a First Class until you make the decision to graduate with it because until you truly decide to do a thing you can hardly achieve it. When you decide to do a thing, it will be easier to figure out a way of achieving it unlike when you are just interested. 
Also, there is need to believe in yourself. Even if you are not proud of who you are today, remember, you have within you the power to create a better you. Believe in your abilities to achieve something great in life. If you do not believe that you can do something, you are only moving towards joining the category of non entities. 
To our returning students, it is also another opportunity to make things better. Life ends when we stop dreaming and realizing that we have so much to offer those around us. This is another opportunity to invest in your future. If you have made mistakes; learn from them and make better decision with what you have learnt. Thomas Edison said our greatest weakness lies in giving up, the most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time “. For those whose academic wings fly high, it could be a grave faux pas to rest on your oars; and for those who are not pleased with their academic performances, now is the time aim more for the best with hard work. Even while the sun races to set, the few minutes before its final setting could just be enough to salvage your academic standing. You will never know that which you can achieve if you do not give yourself the opportunity to try. 
More so, if you have been doing well, we like to tell you to keep pushing for the race has not ended. This is the time to avail yourself all the opportunities the University can provide you, determine not to join the category of the unemployed graduates out there.
And to the final year students, this is the time to work harder as the curtain soon draws on your sojourn in the University of Ibadan. A few mistakes can be decisively disastrous; those who had been carried away in the past are now ruining their complacence as some have had their academic journey extended. So how does one feel to be left behind by ones mate? Definitely it is important to do best what is worth doing at all.
We wish everyone the very best in this semester, the power to create a better tomorrow lies within you, you either choose to make use of what you have of denied yourself the chance of being a hero. You have all it takes to be successful this semester!   


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