Recently, there was a rumour that the Director of Information-elect of AFAS had resigned. It was in view of  this that Tope Lanre Bello and Tobi Idowu engaged Adebayo Badmus AKA Radical Bayo. He also talked on some of the programmes of the Association under the Progress Agenda. Excerpt below:

AFAS Press: Please introduce yourself.
Radical Bayo: My name is Badmus Adebayo, a 300l student of the Department of History. I’m the Director of Inforation elect of the Association of the Faculty of Arts Students.

AFAS Press: You mean you’ve not been sworn-in?

Radical Bayo: Not yet.

AFAS Press: Does that mean the administration AFASites voted last year has not commenced work?

Radical Bayo: Of course, we’ve started in due course; we’ve commenced work. The only problem I have is that I’ve not been sworn in yet. 

AFAS Press: You mean you’re the only one that has not been sworn in yet in the whole of the executive council?

Radical Bayo: To the best of my knowledge, the other members of the executive council have been sworn.

AFAS Press: Why were you not sworn in?

Radical Bayo: At first, I did not have a phone at the time they were making the arrangements; so I wasn’t informed. They swore two sets. The first set contained four executives [sic!]. The second set contained two executives [sic!]. Throughout that period, I wasn’t informed because my phone was not available. At present, we don’t have anyone occupying the position of the Social director.

AFAS Press: But you’ve been part and passel* of this administration?

Radical Bayo: I’ve been following them all along.

AFAS Press: How far about this administration?

Radical Bayo: Well, it’s been well. Every great task starts with something new. We’ve not been able to give out as much as we wanted to but we’ve been trying to do our best. Most of us started lectures (as early as) the first week of resumption, for example my department. I’m in the hardest level of the four levels and so we’re doing so many courses. As a result, I have to be at the faculty very early but the spare time I have, I try as much as possible to talk to AFAsites and perform my functions as the Director of Information.

AFAS Press: What are the programmes AFASites should expect from this Administration?

Radical Bayo: The first event we are working on is the AFAS Trek. We are going to talk a tour round the University of Ibadan to places and sites where students are not likely to go to. We expect freshers and other willing students too as well as students from other faculties.

AFAS Press: Is the programme in  collaboration with other faculties?

Radical Bayo: Not in collaboration with other faculties. We are the one organizing it but it is open to everyone to participate.

AFAS Press: And after that?

Radical Bayo: After that, we will have our AFAS freshers’ orientation.

AFAS Press: Some weeks ago, there was a rumour that you resigned your position as the Director of Information of the Association. How is true is that?

Radical Bayo: To be frank, the rumour came out because I posted a resignation letter on WhatsApp. Sincerely speaking, I had wanted to go [sic!] for a post in the Students’ Union this year. At that point, when I posted the resignation letter, I was having issues with decision crises with myself whether to go [sic!] for the post or not.  And to take a safe side, firstly I did not submit my letter and secondly, the letter on WhatsApp was posted dated to 22nd of February to give my time frame to see if I am [sic!] willing to withdraw it or not. And I withheld the letter itself. The constitution says that I present the letter of resignation to the president which [sic!] I did not present any letter to. Yes, the message (i.e the WhatsApp broadcast) came from me but I later sent a letter of withdrawal.

AFAS Press: But that letter could be interpreted to mean you didn’t take AFASites seriously?

Radical Bayo: Of course, it was interpreted like that. The truth is it’s not that I didn’t take AFAS serious [sic!]. Even though what I did would still be seen in a dark light, to be sincere it is not like a faculty, a department or a hall kind of politics. If you are very conversant with the Students’ Union politics in UI, you will know that this AFAS we call AFAS today was fought for by the Students’ Union. If there were no Students’ Union in place, there will be nothing like the Association of Faculty of Arts Students today. Although some people might want to be sentimental that if I knew I wanted to contest for the post (SU’s) in the first place, why did I go for the AFAS post. But it is only paramount and important that when you see a loophole somewhere, you fill it up. That’s what I thought; not that I wasn’t taking AFASites seriously. And on this note, I would love to apologize to all AFASites that might have seen their Director of Information as being power-hungry or not being decisive enough. This is a learning environment and experience is another form of learning.

AFAS Press: There was also a also a particular statement purportedly said by you that you thought then that SU post was a more bigger fish than any AFAS post and that was why you wanted to contest  the SU position.

Radical Bayo: It’s a mere speculation and rumour. I never said anything of that sort.

AFAS Press: So should AFASites believe you are for them throughout this session and that you are their Director of Information for the rest of the academic year?

Radical Bayo: Yes, they voted me in and I will try my best to work hard as their Director of Information. 

Copyright: Sections and quotations in this interview could be used only with proper acknowledgement of AFAS PRESS as the owner of the property. 


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