Same AFAS; Different AFAS

​It is a new beginning. A new session; a clean slate to write in the twist and turn that will soon be shaping the plotline of our beloved Association. Whatever the tide of the new session surges, it is a completely different AFAS to last year’s. New ‘fresh’ members are, by their paying of their dues, being admitted into the fold; while the new administration is still learning to walk, ditto other organs of the Association. Meanwhile it is, all should hope, expected that the new AFAS year differs in most respects from the last year.

It should be the duty of all that AFAS is AFAS for all, not for only a select privilege profiteers. Every AFASite is an important stakeholder. It grates on my nerves, as I believe it should pinch most discerning AFASites how some benefits-chasing people pretend to be having stakeholders’ meeting for the rest of us! I find it mucus-inviting the selection process of the moribund AFAS stakeholders’ forum where some eminently unqualified fellow students decide the course of things via, most times, their incoherent babbles. What usually comes out of such cacophony often mocks our being an Association in the Faculty of Letters. That is not the way to go this year.

Meanwhile, in order to avoid the distracting rumbles of last year, the organs of the Association have to, in earnest, find ways to work harmoniously. The thread that sewed the organs should not be made of the tenuous bribery and blackmailing that is of the previous years. Only a quarter-wit will deny the malfeasance that has been institutionalized in the Association especially between the supposed two major organs, the Executive and the Faculty Legislative Council. What seemed to make the two organs work in the past years were kickbacks from contracts, alarming budget padding (in order to cater for some unscrupulous interests), cheap blackmailing (in order to cajole or coerce the cooperation of some obdurate interests), and so dispiritedly on, and so forth. Mr. Shola Ojikutu and Mr. Clinton Chibueze, the heads of the Executive council and the FLC respectively, things have got to be different this year. Many have vouched for your ‘intellectualism’ and integrity, including this author; but I tell you intellection will not save your boast-of integrity if you allow yourselves to be consumed by the many corrupt pit-holes that will soon be dug by your so-called ‘friends’, who are actually desperate folks baying for rewards for their supposed ‘helps’ they lent during your emergence.

There were lots of needless fights and bickering among the many organs last session, including AFAS Press. Things could work this time around if only the ingrained suspicion that exists in the Association is surgically removed. It should be known that everything does not end here. It befuddles me each time I think of the ways some blokes ‘carry the matter of their organs for head’ as if there were no people in the helms of those organs before they sat the JAMB’s UTME! Next year, all things being equal, there will be new set of leaders for the various organs of the Association as there were different leaders last year. So why the mad rush to prove laughable superiority points when the privilege providence has given can be utilized to set some noteworthy precedence in the Association and build long lasting friendships after the four-year foray in the University.

Moreover, a call is here sent to every AFASite to give the new administration benefit of the doubt to justify our huge goodwill that shepherded it in during last election. However, we should not spare them our constructive lashes whenever they miss their steps. The President, the Vice-president, the General Secretary and others, AFASites watch as you steer the Association’s ship. Good luck.

Yes, it is a new start; a new year to truly set worthy marks by every organ in the Association. Less talk, more work only will set this year apart from previous years. And then we can proudly say it is the same AFAS run differently. 


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