Tade does not know about the hope and aspiration of every woman but to her, it is to love and be loved in return. Struggling not to feed despair in the midst of hopelessness, she dated any man she feels might be different but only ended up being more hurt.

For the fear of having endless list of exes before marriage, she decided to relax and trust in God to wait for the right time. She drew closer to God and embarked on a journey of religious reformation. Perhaps, life would be better afterwards.

Having been single for almost five months, she met Richard , an old school mate who used to be in the clique of “never-to-be-friends-with classmate”. Well those were childish times, they exchanged long-time-no-see pleasantries and in the midst of their chat, both realised they live on the same street. A small world it is.

Work would not permit week days catch up however, they were able to exchange courtesy visits every weekend. Gradually, Tade and Richard became renowned friends in the street. In as much as Tade tried not to lose her focus on God to meet her marital request alone, she found herself being emotionally attached.

Tade became not only a cook but acted in the capacity of a wife as she also washed his clothes and cleaned his room. Once again, Tade was in love and had forgotten her aches. She was again giving all without receiving, which was the fault in her star.

Perhaps, the gifts, the romantic gestures were enough satisfaction for her emotions. Putting the opportunity to good use, even the friends of Richard became regular visitors at his place after all, it was certain that the cook would do as usual even if the whole Africa visited. This is no exaggeration.

It took Richard little effort to get between her thighs yet there was no definition to all that had happened. Tade seemed to be beguiled that a man allowing her to do such things for him equates being lovers. What a world ladies live in. Ladies forget that some men are like lions, opportunists looking for whom to devour. Even some who are happily married and in love with their wives would gladly welcome the opportunity to have another woman.

Six months went by between Tade and Richard and her love for him grew that even he knew he could make her do anything for him.

Working as a sales representative at a small firm, Tade resumes early and returns late but her quick closure on a Fridays made her return home early. Passing through the apartment of Richard, she saw the window opened. Surprised that he could be home at such time, her curiousity led her to his room. She knocked at the door and it took Richard three minutes to respond.

Standing half-naked, sweating with a look that betrays confidence, Tade was still trying to ask if he was alright when a female voice resonated from within, “na wa o, who be she wey you come dey shake like that? Se she no fit come back?”

Then it dawned on her that she was just another loser.

Tade gathered her shattered strength and went to her house. She had become so used to losing that she had no leisure to replay the previous episode in her mind. “This too shall pass and everything good will come” was all she consoled herself with. Instead it helped her to begin to question what her title was in Richard’s life. She had given all, what else does he want with another lady. Even though she had not felt loved and appreciated, her own love for him had subjected her to being the cheerful giver of all womanly gifts of cooking, romances, washing and others. Perhaps, not giving up would open the door into his heart.

She had almost invested all her virtues on one man that such that remains for the man who would eventually take her in is nothing but shambles.

She waited and waited, hoping that Richard would come and explain himself but he never did. However, Tade decided to take the first step. She visited Richard on a Sunday and after numerous questions in tears which were not fortunate to receive answers, Richard said, “Why are you questioning me as if we are married? We are not even dating and I can never even date nor marry you.”

Alas, it dawned on her that she had been planting herself on a ground where no tree can grow let alone bear fruits that would be appreciated.
This is my true story.

Where are you?

Where the tree does not grow as well?
TORCH HEART welcomes everyone to another session. 


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