Consumers Need Health Literacy and Advocacy- Dr Egbokhare

BY: Rachael Ogunmuyiwa

Dr. Yinka Egbokhare of the Department of Communication and Language Arts (CLA) has called for the need for consumers’ health literacy and advocacy as one of the remedies to the dangers of deceptive labelling.
Dr.Yinka Egbokhare said this while delivering a paper on the topic, “Looking but not seeing: Interrogating Consumers’ Interactions with Nutritional Labelling.” at the University of Ibadan Faculty of Arts Seminar recently.

According to her, consumers have been found looking out for date of production, expiry dates, necessary registration numbers and price only while those who try to check for nutritional labels end up being confused hence, the need for health literacy and advocacy.

While emphasising the danger in our consumptions, she said, “There is very fluid monitoring and anything can pass.”

In her many recommendations, she called for the need for label police force  as a means to curb deceptive labelling and effective communication to bridge the gap between technical experts, producers and consumers.


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