__A team of UI students have won $3000 dollars in the Innovate4life  challenge in Nairobi, Kenya. 

__Amongst the initial 175 teams from different countries, the UI team were the only team that made to the final stages of the competition in Kenya. They earned the coveted win alongside two other teams, with each team being awarded $3000 dollars to run their initiative for three months. 

__HelpMum, the initiative that bagged them the huge sum has the major objective of reducing high maternal and child mortality rates in Nigeria. Founded by Aderemi Abiodun, 600 Vetinary Medicine student and Toyota Bolaji,  a 500 level student, the initiative is a breath of fresh air especially since her founders her students. 

__The team would on Friday, March 10 be participating it he semi finals of the Global Student Entrepreneurship Award taking place in Netherlands 

Muminat Adekunle 

CREDIT: thepageng.com