PERFECT GENTLEMAN: Popular Unibadan Student , Whyteman Apologises Over Controversial Facebook Post

Nnaemeka Stephen, popularly known as Whyteman has tendered his apologies for a Facebook post he earlier made. 


The post which sparked religious tension on the page has been taken down by Whyteman. He obviously meant no harm and has once again proven himself to be a gentleman. 

__He writes: “Good evening greatest intellectuals….I want to sincerely from my deepest heart apologize to my Muslim brothers and sisters about my earlier post which they felt was disrespectful and a mockery of their religion.i don’t have issues or grudges against Islam.i have Muslim friends,i can marry a Muslim lady.i love d fact dat d Muslims are united wen it comes to their place of worship.i join my Muslim friends for their Muslim celebrations so trust me,I don’t have any personal issues with ur religion.. please accept my sincere apology.i remain my humble self SIR WHYTE,a controversialist,publicist, comedian and social media activist… thanks for the support so far..#remorseful”


We forgive you Whyteman…go and sin no more😆😆😆 _


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