Too soon to (re)mess up the AFAS Office…


Tobi Idowu

As much as it seems airily innocuous, that yearning for something in the past – nostalgia – can have a terribly stubborn hold on unsuspecting folks. Nostalgia could run a shrill desire that may allow one to act out some past yearnings. Meanwhile those often who fall for nostalgic baits are those who were not originally active in the past when those longings where real vogues.

Now it seems the Association of the Faculty of Arts Students’ Association’s Office has been riveted by some lousy nostalgia which has verily found cheap-to-get bodies for displaying in some noisy fellow AFASites; for the mess going on right now in the AFAS office, that as you are reading this post, may be going, sucks, stinks and itches. I had come to associate the AFAS office to a trading centre, a game centre, a salon, a cafeteria, a common room, and a lot more disturbing dissolute theatre for some dusky performance! Kolapo did try to clear the AFAS Augean stable last session. He was almost successful until he realized no one really had it in their interest to clear the mess. And I must say here that the present General Secretary has begun to renege on the focal point of his electoral promises as he has been proving, whether consciously or unconsciously, that he will not try to introduce decorum and sense to the AFAS office as Secretary Lawal Kolapo did.

What AFAS office was like two or three sessions ago thins out in comparison with this currently few weeks old session. Then it was noise and noise. Now it is more noise and more noise and more noise. Curiously most of the culprits during those past sessions were friends, acolytes and minions of the executive members and some heads of the other organs. Now it is laughably disturbing that the harbingers of the shameful in-decorum in the office right now are some members of the current executive. These people play computer games in the office, watch movies, invite their hair braiding friends, and do all sort of things that border on ludicrous silliness when they should still be in the process of settling down and getting used to their portfolios and their demands. Perhaps, they are bored already and have devised ways to curtail the boredom that their offices exert on them.

So while it is true that Kolapo tried to cast and bind the inane atmosphere that were in vogue before his coming on board; nostalgia has managed to recharge those childish atmospheric tantrums and has now found unwary human cans to litter the office with multiple fold in-decorum. Imagine a fresh inquisitive student, admitted into the Faculty, who had researched on how an ideal university student should behave walks into the students’ Association’s office he is meant to join, and finds out those who should be the utmost models for such exemplary behaviors are nothing but the loutish inverse. Imagine how consumed with reality shock he will be. Imagine how disappointed he should be. So what happens is that the green student unwittingly accepts those filthy behaviors in office as the normal. Stinking normal! Pity!

The madness must be stopped. It is needless to ask for method to it. The madness must be cured. It is pointless to try to manage it. The executive members must needs know they hold the gavel which when hit will stop the unbecoming behaviors in the office. Anyone who has got no business to do in the Office needs not be in the office. AFASites, it behooves us all to clear the rot, the mess that our needless visits to the AFAS office creates. It is purely poor nuisance. Nuisance is loud. It is cheap. It stinks. It makes sane minds want to throw up. So why would anyone at all, in fact an undergraduate in the University of Ibadan that trains students to be worthy in not only learning but in character, want to constitute nuisance? Stop the mess!

The president of the Association must now begin to show us his resolve. Leadership needs not be forceful to put some things right; yet one must be seen to be resolute in some decision-making process. This is will speak louder than rhetoric. It will galvanize other executive members to proper conducts and will send palpable signals to would-be nuisance. Just you know, it is the president’s name that the administration wears, so why smear your name while trying to be nice.

Meanwhile, the General Secretary must begin to manly man the AFAS secretariat now. It is your responsibility to sanitise it. You are culpable than any other executive member if anything goes awry in the office. And things have been going extremely awry. Act sir. Act now.


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