By: Martins Isaac.

The Students’ Historical Society of Nigeria has endorsed Ojo Aderemi for his Students Union interest. The endorsement happened on Wednesday the 8th of March.

Ojo Aderemi

The endorsement was pushed during an extra ordinary Congress of the society on Wednesday. Speaking at the Congress, Mathew Ayodele, a 400 level student of the department and a former representative of the department in the Faculty Legislative Council urged historians to support Ojo Aderemi based on his antecedents.

According to Matthew, “He is experienced and capable enough to preside the Union. He is the most knowledgeable student as regards students’ unionism on campus and he is fit.”.

Another historian commented that “at the time when I thought students’ unionism does not worth it anymore, Ojo Aderemi came up”. He concluded that the only reason I am interested in the elections is Aderemi”.

Ojo Aderemi, a former leading campus journalist and Ivory Awards Nominee, was invited to speak to the congress by the President of the Society, Miss Sochi Ogbonaya. After his powerful speech, Ojo Aderemi was asked some questions and he was endorsed by the Congress.


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