To have a better AFAS Year…

While cognizance might not have been paid to it, the “new” session has just hit its fourth week. Three silent, yet many activities-laden week, have rolled in and gone into the conscious history books, and, perhaps, left many unsuspecting students with a befuddled curiosity of what they have really done in the new academic year. If care is not taken, the unheralded nature of the session, especially its first semester, may prove too sly for those who will be left trapped in its tantalizing mazes in the end.

In order to avoid, therefore, the titillating baits of the semester, diligent attention must be paid to the ‘no time’ of time by everyone in their various activities. Consequently, the various ‘new’ helmsmen of the Association must be reminded of their responsibilities to every AFASite; it is, especially important to remind our student leaders that their feet should, in earnest, start making recognizable prints in the sand of time so as to form positive impressions in the minds of AFASites.

In order for a smooth running of the wheels of the Association, AFAS Press urges the various organs of the Association to start instituting the necessary measures and creating the needful mechanisms germane to the optimal workings of their peculiar organs and especially in tandem with one another. It is not too early to conduct the election for the vacant post of the Association’s Social director; nor is it too early for the Faculty Legislative Council to constitute the Audit Committee. We are not also in ignorance not to recognize the absence of the Council of Presidents and Secretaries (CPS), even while our reservations as to the need of the body are maintained.

Cooperation should be the basic prong of relationship among the organs in order to avoid the many needless rancors that proved to be inimical to the progress of the Association in the past.

It will be unfortunate if the often bordering on puerile superiority contests among the organs of the Association in the past are rehashed this year. It is important  to assert that that kind of unwholesome bickering mocks any level of educational attainment, let alone the university education. And, often it has been discovered that what causes such pointless fights is the ingrained mutual suspicion of sly behaivours among the leadership of the different organs. So, most time there is a running battle to checkmate one another by the various heads of organs in lieu of working earnestly for the cause they sign up for when they courted AFASites. AFASites need not be at the mercy of the needless fights that often overshadow other worthy activities in the Association.

Meanwhile, an insidious charm that may derail the present executive is their perceived weakness or lack of strong will in asserting themselves especially in respect to the AFAS secretariat. Perhaps, the current crop of executive members fears the backlash that may trail their stepping on some toes. However, we strongly believe that the current efforts by some insensitive AFASites to turn the AFAS office into a noisy bazaar should be checked; otherwise, there will be no dignity left for the office at the end of the current administration’s tenure. This will consequently blight whatever laudable achievements the administration must have had. So would the Ojikutu Shola’s led executive allow its positive exploits be drowned by the jarring cacophony of indecorous behaivours of the friends and friends of friends of the “rulers” of AFAS? It does not speak well of a students’ association in the Faculty of Arts that its members cannot and do not know how to comport themselves in rule-govern space. How on earth will a sane mind be comfortable braiding hair in an office?

In as much as we do not advocate a distant attitude of the executive to the members of the Association, we, however, are not comfortable with a seemingly mob-like AFAS. We will not be a party to the veritable reprehensible trend where there appears to be no leaders manning the affairs of the Association. The leaders of the Association will only come of age soon as they are able to be in charge of their secretariat; else it is safe to say that AFAS is rudderless this year. And goodness save us from where it is precariously drifting to!

Doing the needful at the appropriate time is all we preach.

Good works cannot be hidden. It is only a bad work that is glossed over that people exert needless effort to sell. AFAS Press therefore urges everyone to be conscientiously committed to the progress of the Association. AFAS progress is not a select-few progress, but a remarkable progress for every AFASite.

As we progressively march on on the track of this session, it is hoped that every organ synchronizes well with one another for a smooth running of the Association. We hope there will be less suspicion, but more cooperation that will steer the ship of AFAS to a wondrous phase.

We sincerely wish a smooth and rancor-free year for AFAS. Yet, as the fourth estate, we are fully prepped for our responsibility to every AFASite to highlight and throw light on the right steps and the mis-steps of any arm in the leadership of the Association. We therefore urge every organ of the Association to get into their work field as soon as possible. We urge you to turn ideas into words, and turn the words into action. Time always will not suffice for any procrastination; so it is necessary to maximize it to optimal effect.


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