Man cannot not communicate as isolation kills faster than anything. Respect to such ideology could not be far from being the reasons why each room in students’ hostel had been partitioned to contain four to six students. Although two would have been healthier.

Anyway, two or more; anything goes. I still cherish the memory of the session I had in Queen Elizabeth II hall among five other students. Sincerely, man no fit sweet to reach the level wey person go chop am; my roommates sweet including their relatives.

When I mean sweet, there are a lot of things involved. Like a surprise visit from my bunkie’s mother accompanied with fried chicken and some naira notes for everyone. Even the porter who directed her to her daughter’s room knew that Jesus is Lord with the special offering that was deposited in his pocket.

There were days of goodies like cakes, chicken and chips, drinks, etc from outings. Shout out to Zheenabu, omo Mama Shade oni pepper soup; you are bae. And again I say, your mama na bae.

I sincerely cannot explain where the spiritual something that held us together came from but we lived just fine despite ethnic and religious diversities. There was understanding and we had each other’s back even when offences against hostel’s rules are involved. However; there are some who have no good epistle to write about their roommates. I have seen and interacted with such people.

In fact, there was someone whom we entertained in my room at Agbowo when stallites were sent parking from halls of residence. This person had nothing good to say about her roommates and the nature of human relationship did not make it impossible to believe.  While

some see their roommates as blessings, some see them as pains in the neck due to constant fight, irritations, etc.

Mind you, though it is the female who mostly have problems living with one another; there are also guys who have failed to live up to the expectation of manliness. Some guys just love to behave like a lady. Hence the statements like, “o nse bii obinrin” that is, he acts like a woman.

Back to the gist, this person had nothing good to say about her roommates but as time reveals all things some things became glaring. It all started with her nagging and impatient nature, frequent disagreement and others. She appeared to be someone not fit to live with others. I must say that we experienced peace only after she left.

This is someone who has failed to see herself as a factor whenever issues arise and would not humiliate herself to say sorry. While I tried to excuse her limitations and just be happy she had left to occupy her world of “I want to be independent of others” she however, had to entertain a friend of hers for a short time. Both lived on fine as it appeared but it was rather unfortunate that her conversation with some persons revealed that her friend did not leave her place on a good term.

It is evident in her case and with that of other roommates clash that people forget to see themselves as problem too when issues arise. Everyone is a work -in- progress. We have limitations; that is why we need one another.

We have been brought together from different homes, religion, ethnic groups so as to grow and love irrespective of our diversity. And to live in peace, understanding, acceptance and respect for individual make-up are essential rather than embrace anger, foolish bantering, fight and damaging verbal exchange, etc. It is normal if you have issues with your roommates during your first few weeks together but it is embarrassing if after a semester together, you all cannot still live like the same bird birthed you.

Dear roomies, o roomie, treat your characters before going about assassinating others. You could be the problem without realizing it hence, the need to be patient in the face of any crisis. Do not be swift to explode. True, some roomies could be annoying and would not yield by simple methods but it costs nothing to accept and passionately endure one another.

Fight, settle and laugh again but do not let the sun go down on your madness lest you become mad in the real sense.



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