Last year, Adeoye Adejare paraded the faculty of letters as the popular president Skelemba.

Now, Adeoye Adejare bears the tag, “Afas erstwhile president” as he handed over power to the incumbent Sola Ojikutu. However, Adeoye has come and gone but his legacies remain ingrained, and its getting more obvious with every passing day that this new administration is but a continuity of the past administration.

Last year, Afasites, like the press, complained bitterly of the several loopholes that marred events which even made some be tagged as flops. The woes ranged from the faculty which with its status and culture was suppose to be the haven of fun-spiced activities but which was mayhem of boredom. The most popular excursion (SALT) on campus, which was even inter -faculty was absolutely a flop, not forgetting what the Sub Dean General himself who went with them was subjected to. A list is not mine to make, the past administration is gone for good but the present administration is no zombie and shouldn’t be naive to the happenings last year, and thus should have taken a cue from that and avoid a stupid repetition.

“To be foolish is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result” – is up there as one of the commonest proverbs in Unibadan. To admit folly, is to tail and trail the rail of a failed and admittedly wrong path, and expect success.

My utmost concern is the peculiar African time and organisation of events. Many, if not all events last year started very late and they all had their peculiar issues with the planning, from the freshers’ welcome to the Afas and I(though a fairy tale success). The excuse Mr. Adeoye always gave when approached was that “there are problems with logistics…” bla bla bla especially when quizzed about the SALT Excursion.

Last Friday 24, March 2017 was the stakeholders meeting for endorsement of a flag bearer for Afas at the presidency portfolio of the Students’ Union. The stakeholders comprising Faculty executive, legislators and Departmental presidents and general secretaries kicked off earnestly around 3pm or thereabout.

Talks fly here and there and saliva suffered the ache of belonging to talkaholics, then full introduction of everyone present. Next on the unofficial or perhaps more precisely, undrawn agenda was to give the two presidential aspirants the floor to communicate their intent, declare their interest and convince the audience why they should be the flag bearer of the premier faculty.

Here and there, then and thereafter, room 71, the venue was invaded and locked, with the honourable occupants dragged outside, myself not spared. Very funny indeed, on investigation of the disruption of the programme, it was to be discovered that the humblest and ablest Sub dean General was not properly and officially informed, and hence the closure of the room. Mr. President and his aide-de-camp, Mr. Speaker, guilty of the insolence the invited dignitaries were subjected to raced down to the Sub dean’s office to plead like prodigal borns. And when Mr. Sola was interrogated, he reiterated “logistics issues” and that the sub dean was notified long before now but the room was not officially requested for.

Eventually, the Sub dean General, like anyone of you would easily guess, in his infinite mercy pardoned the seemingly insolent attitude of his kids, the principal officers of the faculty, gave them the key and meeting resumed.

However how infinitesimal the poor planning and its consequence is, I  beg I  could not overlook it. It starts somewhere. The freshers’ welcome is coming up and the press wants the best for the newbies. Hence, our politicians, especially the principal officers of the faculty, direly, indeed, need to be kept on their toes and i hope the present administration will desist ASAP from trailing the rail of the gone administration and if the need be, should invite to the faculty, shamans and mediums to cast out the shadows, relics and spirit of the past administration.


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