​Ifeoluwa Oladiipo

All Nigeria United Nation’s Youths and Students Association (ANUNSA) recently organized a programme targeted at helping youths identify and proffer innovative solutions to societal problems.

The programme which was held on Saturday, 25th March, 2017 at the Student Representative Council (SRC) Chamber, University of Ibadan  was tagged “Civic Engagement/Leadership”.

The speaker, ANUNSAite Afolabi Williams defined civic engagement/leadership as the process in which people come together to solve societal problems with their resources, time and ideas without expecting anything in return. 

Afolabi said that civic engagement/leadership entails using innovative ways or ideas to solve problems.

He said, “Students do not have to be in any position before solving problems; all tackling societal challenges require is making use of innovative ideas”. 

He furthered his speech by identifying steps which tackling societal challenges require which include identifying the problem, creating innovative solution to problems, and educating one’s mind on how to sustainably solve societal challenges.

Finally, he advised the participants to join organizations that support solving societal problems like ANUNSA or Junior Chambers International (JCI).


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