While at the stakeholders meeting for the purpose of endorsement on Friday 24, I just can’t help but bemoan some personalities’ manners, bearing, conduct and comportment. Sorry for torturing your eyes with the overuse of my dictionary.

In a gathering, acceptably there tends to be people, diverse not only in physical structure, but also intellectual grade. These people are those you control either by laid down rules;”a code of conduct” to conduct their conduct, or by conducting yourself, that is, tolerate their unbearable behavior. This is not to say those in attendance behaved wrongly or extremely badly but their frequent minimal and at times outrageous display of contempt for other’s opinion and failure to desist from making unnecessary noise during the course of the programme is however their Waterloo.

Honourable Darasimi Emmanuel is the victim here. Like he said and implied when someone tried to caution his growing impudence, the meeting was not a house sitting where protocols are to be duly observed and laid down rules are to be keenly followed. Yet, as a learned fellow and supposedly disciplined being, one does not have to be told what to do and what not to do at this tertiary stage in education. Much misconduct was observed and glossed over but two notable ones will be checked.

Even while they may exist an informal relationship, it is still unethical to shout down the Speaker, who might not be functioning that day as the speaker but on the high table as a principle officer; and one who had the floor at that moment with the consent of the president to express his opinion. Not just the speaker was interrupted in his speech but others including the president himself. As an honourable, learn to be patient.

Secondly, after rebuking many for their unethical behaivours and even keeping Mr. President on his toes. Thank God Mr. President is not him, they could have clashed. The Mr. Corrector, who found it a godsend call to rebuke any erring member of his whims in the meeting, also grossly flagrantly fell into the offences he felt put off at. This to me, is a reprehensible and unethical offence. Haven’t heard of ‘go to equity with clean hands’?

During the voting process, after casting his votes and back to his seat, he busied himself with a bae(name withheld), flirtatiously laughing, giggling, chatting noisily, listening to music, sharing earpiece and involving in some other egregious activities I will mute over. Yet he has the effrontery to remind Mr. President not to step outside to heed the Sub dean’s call. If he, as a legislative member could keep the president in check of his conduct and has no one to check his, for it was not a house meeting with a chief whip, nor his conscience to know when to and when not to talk, act or display; myself, representing the press will keep him, duly in check in the most honourable way.


In conclusion; like the picture said, “discipline is doing what needs to be done even if you don’t want to do it”.





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