Nothing is served for anyone on a platter of gold. What make an imperfect man are his shortcomings, I have got mine and you have got yours. Thus, it behooves us to make acceptance our watchword.

You know people carry an angry face about and you probably want to excuse such on the ground that someone might have provoked them. However, there are some around us who go about with a wrecking feeling of anger against themselves. Wonders never cease!

Failing a course or not getting good scores like others is one sure event that could make a student feel anger against his own self. A student who is physically challenged may live every day having a burning anger while those who are not even physically challenged may be angry with themselves because they cannot attract friends like others.  For example, a duff among her friends may feel angry and isolated and begin to question her looks and outward appearances.

In fact, a weak duff is likely to withdraw from friends’ zone. You understand this when you have been there. And in case you don’t know, you have to checkout everyone in your friend zone and examine whoever the duff is. If you end up being the one, I am sorry o.

Back to December, we have defects like I have said and there is no gain playing the victim. The age we are in has no room for excuses. All hands are expected on deck; all legs are expected to be on track. Choices abound, if you cannot walk on the street; keep chasing that goal through the pavement.  Even the premier university made available two spaces; wheel chairs/crutches and the other.

It simply states no excuse.

The only way to win in this life is to hug whatever may be the trouble and put it to good use. For example, someone who is physically challenged needs among other things, “confidence”.

If someone with a physical challenge withdraws from the crowd, such person will be nothing than forgotten and stands to lose out in terms of human relationship. The truth of the matter is that people tend to disassociate from the physically challenged and it becomes the duty of the challenged to bring themselves closer to the withdrawing party.

One may face rejection in initial occasions but one’s determination will create that attraction and acceptance. There are classes in every society determined either consciously or not by factors, be it mental, financial, physical, social, economic, etc. I don’t think we can help it; it has become part of human existence.

Life is lived once. Too glorious, too precious to live in pity. That is why we have physically challenged who are winning athletics. These people had to make decisions however hard. Decisions to stand like some at the beautiful gate of the University of Ibadan for Peter and Paul or to hug their difficulties in order to win.


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