I am a bit puzzled and unable to think clearly about the state of this country; particularly the education sector.

Before I go further, perhaps what I am about to elucidate happens in other countries but permit me not to generalize as I am yet to do a proper study on that. So that aside, I can’t stop wandering if our dear country will ever grow if people keep plagiarizing other people’s work. I mean, how do we get another perspective to an issue if all a research student does is just to plagiarize someone’s work. There is no way we can grow as a country or further develop if what students who claim to be engaging in research do is to sit down in the corners of their rooms and find synonyms to works that have been earlier published.

Now, you are wondering why I am taking the issue “personal” it wasn’t my work that was plagiarized and as a matter of fact, I have no research to call my own just yet but I am a responsible student and a patriotic citizen just like you (lol). It is just disheartening when people get the certificate they do not qualified for yet we keep complaining that our country is bad and things are getting worse by the day. I remember the holy book says if the foundation be destroyed, what will the righteous do? if people are allowed to escape when they plagiarize, it is only assumable that they will keep doing it to obtain all the necessary certificates.

Recently, I was coming to the Faculty, believe me, I had no intention of eavesdropping on other peoples conversation as I walked but nature left me with no choice as the air kept sending their words to my ears. As usual, my face was neutral and I did as if I could not hear what they were saying. Then I heard a guy talking to his friend I have already presented the paper o, I go look for synonyms ni o, omo na that same research I use o wow, that caught my full attention and I was left wondering, why on earth will a plagiarizer be allowed to walk freely with his shoulders high? Why do people choose to be without conscience or isnt research something every student should enjoy? I mean you are trying to look for possible solutions to a problem, you should enjoy that, right?

When people plagiarize, they truncate the growth of the country because research are carried out so that different sectors could learn of possible ways to develop in this ever-growing world. But when students who should carry out research choose to plagiarize other peoples work, the possible outcome is stagnation in the system.

Personally, I think proper measures should be taken against those who plagiarize. From what I observed, postgraduate students are better plagiarizers than undergraduates, because many of them enroll only for the certificate. To them, the certificate gives them a better chance in the labour market but how many of make waves with the certificate? (God doesnt reward lazy ones) The excuse they give is that, their jobs do not afford them the luxury of time. In my quest, I heard anyone caught would be rusticated but I think it is high time strict measures are taken and victims are made public examples, for other students to learn to out their hands on deck.

In any case, should I keep blaming the plagiarizers? I dont think so, I blame our education system. The fact is that, many final year students are virtually confused about what to research on (right now, yes! We have many of them). It boils down to the foundation again, from their 100 level days, they have been taught how to read just to pass their exams and even the term paper they do, uhmm, full of copy and paste and yet nobody penalizes them for that. Student have not been made to see the essence of research so when they get to final year, they are literally confused.

Students need to see how interesting and important research can be. They should be made to understand that carrying out a research is one of the enjoyable things one can do in school. They should be made to see that it is about finding a solution to a problem but how do they see that if they are not taught. At least, I believe we are in school to learn what we do not know.


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