1. The first ever youtube video to reach 1 million views was of Ronaldinho doing a crossbar challenge.

2. Italy has never lost a world cup qualifying match at home.

3. Neymar has been involved in 85 goals for Brazil: 51 goals, 34 assists in 76 games at the age of 25.

4. Italy’s no 1 Gianluigi Buffon is older (39) than both his deputies in the squad Gianluigi Donnarumma and Alex Meret (38).

Credit: neymar.fx11

5. Andrea Pirlo has played for three rival teams in Italy namely Inter Milan, AC Milan and Juventus respectively.

6. Brazil has won all their 8 games under their new coach Tite. They scored 22 goals and conceded just 2.

7. England U-21 squad have 206 Premier League apps combined while Germany U-21 squad have 1,137 Bundesliga apps combined.

8. Paul Pogba thinks Dybala and Griezmann and himself are strong contenders for the Ballon D’Or in the future.

9. Lionel Messi has never played a Champions League Match in Group B. He’s played and scored in all others.

10. Since 2008, Manchester City has spent over £170m on centre-backs alone.



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