Last semester was a semester full of mouth-watering football activities in the faculty but I bet you, there are more mouth-watering, bottom-jacking and rib-cracking football events in the Faculty of Arts. 

Last semester, it was a smooth flow of the show of stardom, agility, strength, expertise, professional show-off and soccer prowess from many players, the likes of Kenneth in English, Chima in Philosophy and a host of other exceptional players in Theatre Arts, Communication and Language Arts, Music, History, Classics and a host of others. It is another time to enjoy football undiluted, soccer untainted and the football pitch in a sweeter and better way.

The Deans Cup stole the atmosphere last session but another tournament is about to set your minds ablaze, I present to you the Faculty of Arts Super Four Football Competition. Do not be surprised to hear, see or perceive that there are only four teams in this tournament, it is so to ensure the rigorous struggle in the first semester’s Deans Cup because players are assured that if they finish among the top four, they would be playing another football tournament the following semester. The four teams that were lucky to make it to the semi-finals of last year’s Deans Cup will be qualified to play against one another in what seems like a league game where at the end of the tournament, the team with the highest points and goals emerges as the winner. I am happy to present to you the four lucky departments. They are Philosophy, English, Theatre and History.

The department of Philosophy stands the higher chances of winning the tournament having the ace, Chima in their midst. Honestly speaking, I term them as favourites because they did not lose many players to convocation last session. They were able to retain most of their players (I am not talking about extra year ooooo) simply because they are still either in 100 level, 2oo level, 300 level or they are just in the final year. Quite interesting enough, their first opponent is English who threatened their title hopes last semester. English followed them like a witch that follows a destined child right into the finals and their title hopes were almost blown away but a bunch of bluffs that held the legs of English players from the penalty spots gave them the undeserved deserved victory and crown. Let us sit back and see if Chima could save them again this time.

The so-called surplanters, the Esauic people who will always try their possible best to blow all the hopes of a title crown away are here again. They exerted a bunch of threatening moments on the Philosophers last semester but all seem unsuccessful but they are around once more to do it harder and cleaner. Their vigorous trainings, experience and soccer prowess saw them to the final of last year’s Deans Cup but some lack of experience from the penalty spot gave them the blow with two of their players squandering their chance of lifting the trophy once again after like four years of the trophy drought. Though they lost a great deal of their good and experienced players, the likes of Kenneth, the skipper, attacking midfielder and all-time scorer for the department, Dominic, a right winger, Sheriff, a left winger, Adeola, the defensive midfielder for the team and the best right back of the tournament, Samuel, they have gathered another team which promises to be a better team. They were able to get experienced fresh bloods into the squad. The new coach, Samuel Adetokun (ASK) and the new skipper, Taiwo promise to show a great deal of expertise with support from Majeed, Ismail, Uthman, Timilehin, the striker of the team and the goalkeeper turned supporting striker, Segun. The goalkeeper is not to be left out. The wings are in good position and the defence too. Let us sit right and enjoy good football from the Grammarians.

The Thespians are another bunch of stunts in the tournament with their theatrical way of doing things and they promise to be amazing. Someone accused them “of doing everything playfully with drums and flutes”. This is known with them right from time, their drums and songs are here to entertain the pitch one more time. They lost a number of good and experienced players too with the likes of Abel and others getting their way out of the institution (graduation, no be tsunami ooooo) but they also have a new set of players who promise to make the tournament sweet and mouth-watering. The likes of Mertesacker, their formidable goalkeeper and others promise to be professional.

The last team in the tournament is that of History who pushed a little threat in the tournament with the mass of their team gone. They really made history last semester and they will be ready to give us a handful of histories this semester as the like of Temmy Gista peppers the team to victory. They are not the least favourite, mind you. Like a saying goes, “this is football, anything can happen”. Anything can really happen with the numerous trainings they have been undergoing and the set of new players, they promise to be enterprising.

All said and done the four super teams who would be starring in the Super Four all promise to be professional and super indeed. Let us sit back and enjoy moments of passion, joy, frustration, anger, team spirit, love, victory, defeat, dejection, celebration and red face. Once again, I humbly present to you the Association of Faculty of Arts Students Super Four Football Competition. It promises to be really exciting!!!



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