Honourable members of the Faculty of Arts Legislative Council (FLC) have applauded the President  of the Association of Faculty of Arts’ Students (AFAS), Shola Ojikutu, following his decision to give out his projector for AFAS fresher’s orientation evening show.

AFAS President, Shola Ojikutu

Following the plans of the executives to make the fresher’s orientation programme eventful with an evening film show, a projector is needed.

While deliberating on the item, the Deputy  Speaker  of the council informed the house that the president has projectors for rental services.

However, when the President  was summoned by the speaker of the house, he said that he is willing to give it to AFAS for free.

This was applauded by honourable members who had forgotten the stand of its council against clapping on the floor of the house however; they were called to order by the Chief Whip.