Sustainable development requires human ingenuity. People are the most important resource- Dan Shectmaan

We may be persistence but we will never succeed until we come to realize that all that is needed in developing our society is people’s participation.

Our country is at this point today because citizens and government have failed to identify their place in the development process, they do not understand or see the essence of participation. If we must develop, citizens and government must first understand that development goes beyond being contented with just having good road, constant electricity and infrastructures but development involves the active participation of citizens. If citizens choose to remain docile about the issues that concern their nation, there is no way we can boast of development.

So also, if our faculty must develop or progress, the executive must understand that development is way beyond their ability to plan a successful dinner or Faculty Week and AFASites must also come to understand that. Development starts with the leaders trying to identifying with the people and getting them to prioritize their need so as to serve them in the appropriate manner. It is more than being in office and identifying with some set of cabals, stakeholders or black sheeps who know next to nothing about needs of the people.

Even as we blame the executive for not doing the proper thing, a common proverb says you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot force the horse to drink water. In our last editorial, AFAS press suggested that executive should have called for a congress in deciding who AFAS would be supporting for the SU presidency. But how many AFASites would have attended the congress if the executives did that?  We hear of departmental presidents complaining of low turnout at their congress. Our traditional events popularly known as AFAS and I is not well attended by members of the faculty. There are many programmes organized by the executives to bring AFASites together and make them involved but many people do not attend and yet they are so quick to castigate the executive whenever an event flops.

Just as we have leaders who are guilty of leading the people from the front without minding what seems to be their problem, we also have passive followers who for their religious beliefs, academic pursuit or preferences refuse to involve in anything that will affect their environment positively. For them, whatever the executive do is their business in as much as they receive lectures peacefully at the faculty, other things can be ascribed as minimal.

We are called the leaders of tomorrow but how do we intend to lead when we are blindly adopt the ideology of those who have failed us? If all the executive choose to do is to plan great events without the people participation and the followers also choose to believe that involving in activities is none of their business, we will only end up achieving nothing. When followers participate, the executive are kept on their toes. If all we do is to complain that our politicians are thieves and fraudsters are we not the ones giving them the license to steal our properties when we have refused to claim what is ours?

For us to have accountable executives, there is need for everyone to see themselves as a stakeholder. AFAS does not belong to some but it belongs to all. Over the years, the press has been doing her duty as the fourth estate of the realm by checking the excesses and lackadaisical attitude of the executive but it has come to our notice that some of these politicians now see it as a norm for the press to address those salient issues and instead of acting, they ignore and laugh it off. This is happening because AFASites have refused to make the accountable. They make series of promises and yet fulfill none even when the semester is almost over. All we see is a parade of “generals” at the AFAS office. When do we begin to see the C.A.T agenda? Is it until the year runs out?

All hands must be on deck if we must make something great out of this tenure, if we must leave an AFAS that posterity will be thankful for, everyone needs to see AFAS as theirs, the executive must be made accountable, until then, nothing tangible happens in AFAS.


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