​This year’s  edition of the Faculty of Arts Super Four Football Competition is already here. 

There have been all sorts of speculations from students of various departments in the faculty about what we should be expecting from this league-like competition which commences on Monday 3rd April, 2017 at exactly 10am.The four departments involved have each paid a price during the last sessions Deans cup football competition where Philosophy emerged champion; English, first runner up; and History lost the third place to Theatre Arts, they settled for nothing. 

The outstanding performance of each of the four departments has accorded them the title Super among others. Nevertheless, this is another interesting moment for the four teams to re-strategize and come up with another super team-work to be able to outdo one another as we cannot wait to know which team is going to be crowned the Most Super of the Super Four. 

Different from what we had last year, this years edition of the Super Four will feature male and female categories and all the teams in each category will have to play against one another  that is why we refer to it as a league-like competition. Female matches will be played at the SUB football pitch while Awolowo Stadium remains the venue for the matches in the male category. On Monday, the opening match from the male category start exactly at 10am when Philosophy takes on English. History and Theatre Arts will have the second match played by 12pm. On the female side, History and Theatre Arts kick off by 4pm. Remember, History lost to Theatre Arts during the Deans cup and they may want to take their own pound of flesh from the female category, the big question now is: has Theatre Arts got the required skills to defend their pride this time? We shall find out on the pitch! Also, by 5pm, European Studies will settle scores with their opponent, Classics. 

On Wednesday, English male team will face Theatre Arts by 10am. It promises to be a time of good football with the high hopes of the two teams and the ginger among them. English tends to pose a lot of threat in attack but the Thespians would not take it easy with them. They both have to fight their way into the glory if at all they would take it. One of the most amazing things about these two teams is the pepper and fire in their squads. They are indeed super! We cant wait to find out more about them and see which department gets crowned. I present to you English, Philosophy, Theatre Arts and History. Of course, it is the AFAS SUPER FOUR!!!



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