Dear Mr. SU

I write you not because I want to show my proficiency in verbal gymnastics but because very soon, you will be my voice. I must warn you. The journey you embark upon is not for the feebleminded nor for the finefaced vier. Nay. With sweat, you shall work and your labour shall set you free. 

Before you get on that racetrack, make sure you have the paraphernalia you need to run a smooth polity because if all you can deliver after your caterwauls of Greatest gbo gbo is the echo of that shout, then you had better take off your gear and book a seat in the gallery.
Dear Mr. Aspirant, for this race, I would advise you to draft a constructive blueprint that will help you navigate through this political trajectory you have chosen. In the past, students have always had the proclivity to listen to the pitch of voices of aspirants rather than the substance of their words. You must prove that you are not like the proverbial empty drum. After all, you are not contesting so that you can warm high-backed chairs with your executive behinds but so that you can table and implement plans that will advance our common goals.

For the love of progress and refreshing change, we do not need to spend seven days of a precious semester in senseless jamboree! Transient and banal revelling must never be substituted for substantive causes that have longlasting marks in a citadel that promotes “character and learning”. Yes, I agree – entertainment is a welcome break in this ivory tower we dwell in. However, it is important to strive to maintain equilibrium in such matters as entertainment is not a one-dimensional course that focuses only on celebrating inane frivolities. Infusing the annual UISU week with utilitarian programmes that encourage and/or birth students with stellar skills and talent will be a welcome development befitting of the Premier institute. More than being ivories that serve only to please the eyes, we desire to be like gold – strengthened by fire- UISU in this case- it comes out resplendent, strong, useful.

The office you are about to occupy is not avenue to engage yourself in wrestlemania with school authorities. Would you have to engage in a face off with the overlords just to protect the rights of students? Very likely. But remember that this is not judo; it is a race you are running on behalf of the student populace. You are our representative, not a Jonah that must perish so that the sink can stay afloat.  Never be a populist leader that hastily rushes to champion student causes or attack the school management just for the sake of being tagged an activist. Rather, take sides with justice, fairness, uprightness  and not with people because that is what will matter in the end – that you kept to your word of maintaining a vibrant union. If sticking to these golden ideals mean that you will pay the ultimate penalty if the Student Domiciliating Committee decide to use you as a scapegoat to deter other errant students, you must remain stoic. It is the race you signed up for.

If self-aggrandisement is what motivates you to run this race, pull out before you are pulled down. In the end, it would be your desire to change the status quo and give life to a dying Student Union that will fuel your limbs through this crucial race. A thick skin is also an invaluable requirement you must have to be qualified for this race because whether you like it or not, members of the fourth estate and even clueless individuals will do their hatchet job. I want to remind you that you were not voted to listen to accolades but to roll up your sleeves and work. The pen, oftentimes is not wielded just for the purpose of seeing how ink will look on paper. No. It is to correct and serve as arrowheads to the people we have entrusted to run and win our race. Ditto, ever-present sycophants will also woo you with sweet words even when you are as lazy as the tortoise. Remember that it is better to be unknown and foolish than to bring one’s name to ignominy. Take heed!

Mr. SU Sir, I warn you of the many classes you will miss; sacrifices you will make. Remember that as an athlete, you will not have the luxury of indulging yourself in slothful leisure and hedonistic cheese-eating. You will become unfit. If you cannot maintain a healthy diet of “stabbing” classes, thankless service, stringent discipline, and perhaps  deficiency of Vitamin C in your CGPA, the gallery shall be thy abode. I remember how one of the present excos switched off her phone for a whole week just because she was overwhelmed by the sheer demands of the office. Understandable, yes; but grossly inexcusable and irresponsible. Without stamina, you will only collapse in the middle of the race. Of what use are you to us then? Graciously withdraw from that race so that we can choose from the qualified few. That in itself is a form of activism that deserves commendation.

O Ye Aspirants of Ticklish Noses and Itchy Fingers! You must be ready to perceive the aroma of mint without eating of the banquet even when it is right before your eyes. No doubt, money is one of the greatest temptations that can be used to rope in any man but since you have put in for this race, you must be an excellent sprinter and it would do you good to run away from whatever kleptospirits are holding you captive. If you turn deaf ears to my words, I guarantee that nemesis is right behind you and will catch up with you in no time. Whatever office you are vying for, be aware that accountability through record keeping is of paramountcy especially if you desire to scale through the Students Red Chambers  unscathed in the last lap of your race. 

MR S.U, before you run your race, make sure you have sturdy legs that will see you through. Best wishes. 


Muminat Adekunle. 



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